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Title: Panty Shopping

Well, I guess it all started that summer day. yes, that August day, too warm outside for open windows so the central air pumped through the house as nine o clock neared. My eye's opened and soon fixated on the clock in front of me, just as every morning it had been about nine as I awoke from my slumber. The familiar symptoms of a fun night lay around me: minimized porn sites on the lap top on my nightstand, a pair of baby blue panties by my face, and a naked body from head to toe. I lay in my bed, and smile at the fun I'd had the night before, when suddenly a knock came to the door. It got a jump from me, maybe just because of the dirty thoughts in my head. But I knew the porn was minimized on my computer, my blankets were covering me and dirty underwear was no weird sight in a young girls room. "come in", I said to my bedroom door. The door opened and on the other side stood my mother."You up?" she said. "Yeah" I managed to mumble. "We're gonna do some back to school shopping today, is that okay"? "Yeah, I still have birthday money from last month, god, I loved turning 18". My mom chuckled as she announced that we would leave at about ten. She closed the door behind her as a smile appeared on my face, after all, I may just get some new panties out of this.
I made my shower quick, opting not to take part my routine shower masturbation session. I grabbed my tightest jeans, my pink 54 Brian Urlacher jersey, which I always wear when panty shopping, something about the pink material just looks great when you don't have any pants on. my panty selection took longer than the others as usual. I decided on my pink Minnie mouse thong, in case anyone caught a glimpse of my underwear in the changing room, I thought it would be cute if I matched. a quick grab of my white satin bra and I hit the showers. I really tried to keep my shower short, as I was anticipating this trip very much. a quick lathering up of my body, a hasty wash of my long, blond hair and I was ready to go.

Before I knew it, we were there. The mall was one of my favorite places in the world, if not for the panties they sold, then for the girls who were there. School had some nice looking girls too, but a long summer of no school made me miss the sight of jiggling boobs walking to and fro. We went inside and immediately I wanted to go to J.C penny's. I always ask to go to Victoria secret, but I'm alway told they're too expensive. I only got to experiance the joy that was that store once, a few months ago, my mom and I were looking for a black bra to wear under my prom dress and we had trouble finding a 36C so we went into Victoria Secret. I wanted to buy all the underwear in sight, but alas, I was only able to purchase the black bra. I made my way to J.C penny, my mom trailing behind me. I found a few pair of jeans and a couple shirts, but before long I glided over to the underwear section. I felt at home once again, surrounded by every color and sort of female undergarment, I could feel myself getting wet. my first pair was a black and white bikini style, 'those'll look so cute' I thought to myself. Next I found what I had been looking for forever! hot pink briefs with the Chicago bears logo on the front and '54' on the back. these matched my jersey perfectly. I'd loved sports since I was kid and mixing football and lingerie was the best thing I could thing of.

On to the dressing room, my favorite place in the world. if it were up to me, there would be no stalls in dressing rooms. However, every once a while a woman will come out with no shirt on pants for some reason or the other. I walked into the dressing room and bingo! This made my day, a young brunette, probably the same age was standing outside a stall in orange panties and a white tee shirt, she immediately looked at me and smiled, I smiled back, trying to hide the fact that my Minnie mouse panties just got very moist. Soon the stall door opened and to my surprise, out walked another girl, this one in a red thong and a matching bra. the undies I had on were soaked as I stepped into a free stall. "Those are cute" one of the girls said to the other as my jeans came sliding down. "So are those" the other girl responded, I sat on the ground spreading my legs. "Your butt looks so good in those" one girl commented. Their panty banter was making me more horny, I began rubbing the outside of my Minnie mouse panties with the black and white once I had just found, my underwear were becoming more and dirty with every passing word they spoke. "these feel nice on my pussy' one of them said. Their unintentional talking was making my legs tremble I decided to switch things up. I took my wet Minnie underwear off, and put on my new pink Bears ones. I looked at the black and white ones and knew right were they were going. I leaned back a bit and began pushing the panties into my ass. once they were in there snug, I picked up the underwear I had been wearing and placed them in my mouth, using one hand to hold them close to my face, and one to rub my pussy through these sweet pink panties I had just found. I licked the wet panties, enjoying the wet spot my pussy had made, as well as the taste from my ass. I wasn't going to be able to hold on for long, the taste of my nasty undies, the feeling of those panties in my asshole and the rubbing of these nice pink underwear on my clit, I was getting close. I began trembling as I came, all over the un-owned panties, filling them with hot cum. I lay on the floor for a few seconds, realizing how much fun I had had with my two new pairs of panties... and I hadn't even taken them home yet.

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