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Title: Pool Party

My wife and I went to a pool party last Saturday night. It was at the house of one of my wife's co-workers. We arrived about the same time as everyone else and my wife did a great job introducing me to everyone.
Being spring, I was hoping to see many pairs of legs in hose. About every 4th woman had on some kind of hose. My wife was wearing one of my favorite styles of black seamless hose under a semi-short skirt and a frilly little top. The dress code ran from mild to wild. I'm going to make this story short and cut to the good parts.
We stayed late and the party was down to about 6 couples. We were all at the pool and someone pushed someone else in and before we knew it everyone was in the pool fully dressed. Seeing all those pantyhose and nylon covered legs underwater was making me hard. Things quickly got even more out of hand when some of the couples started taking their clothes off. After an awkward pause, my wife started taking off her clothes, down to her pantyhose. She looked so sexy in her wet black hose. I watched several of the other guys checking her out. A few of the other girls left their hose on too. The hostess had on a pair of nylons with garters and nothing else. A very cute tiny gal had on a pair of fishnet pantyhose and a smile. There was also a slutty looking blond in a pair of Hooters footless pantyhose. I was in heaven. One of the guys came over and started chating my wife up. I heard him say that he often wondering if she shaved or not. My wife asked him if he liked shaved pussy. His eyes lit up, but then looked at me. My wife gave me a long wink, which is out signal that it's OK to play. With that, the two of them swam off to another area of the pool.
Not really knowing what to do now, I moved over to an area where three women and two guys were. They were talking about my wife, telling me that I was the best husband in the world to let her have fun like that. I glanced over to see her underwater giving head to the guy she was talking with. The tiny gal in the fishnets slinked up to me and asked if she could hold on to me for support because it was over her head. I said sure and she quickly started hugging me locking her sexy legs around my back. If not for her fishnet hose, we could have been fucking, she was that close. My cock was at full attention as she pressed herself against me. She whispered in my ear that my wife was with her husband and would I mind spending time with her. I told her that she was so hot and I wanted her from the minite I saw her. I added that I had a thing for fishnets and I was happy she left them on, until right now. "Why until now" she asked. I told her because they were in the way. Her voice got all husky as she reached down and plucked open a few of the strings around her snatch. My cock found the opening and in a flash, I was burried to the hilt in this hot little chic. We fucked slow at first, some of the other people probably didn't know we were actually doing it. After a few minutes and noticing two other couples were now banging in the shallow end, I pucked up the pace. It was hard to get a good rhythm going in the deeper section of the pool, so without stopping, I moved us to the shallow end, right next to the Hooters girl who was getting it from the host of the party.
My little friend and I fucked hard, like rabbits. She let go with a wild orgasm and then got off me before I had a chance to let go. She whispered that she owed me one and then excused herself. I was so horny, my wife now had two guys working her over. I thought about going there and joining them, but I heard the hooters girl tell the host that she was almost there and then her voice trailed off as the host let go. Without missing a beat, he put his hand up and I tagged it. Moving over to the hooters girl I asked if she was OK with this tag team move. She told me to shut up and shove that big cock into her. Who was I to argue and I set her up on the side of the pool and slid into her. She was wet with her joices, his cum and some pool water, so it was no time before I was banging this gal hard. She told me not to stop over and over. A few minutes into it, she put her wet hose covered legs up over my shoulders and told me to fuck her harder. Somebody came over and worked a towel under her, so the pool deck wouldn't scrape her. I was thankful for that and began pumping in and out of her hot hole for all it was worth. I grabbed both her ankles and thrust into her deeper as I licked the soles of both her feet. This put her over the edge and she told me to cum in her pussy. Getting to fuck a hooters looking girl, while holding her pantyhose covered legs, while licking on her sexy feet while she was yelling for me to cum in her was too much. I blew one of the hardest loads of my life into her. She had the most intense orgasm of any female I had ever scene! When I came down from my high, I noticed that everyone was watching us. They started clapping, even my wife. It was a hot night. The hooters girl gave me her pantyhose on one condition. I had to put them on. I did and they felt great. My wife just looked and laughed. I would up fucking the hostest later and getting her nylons too. Some how we all wound up swapping wives and girlfriends until dawn. I fucked the hostest and later the tiny chic put her fishnets around my head, blindfolding me. I then felt a warm mouth sucking on my cock while a pair of hands felt all over my pantyhose covered legs. A minute into the BJ, the tiny girl kissed me and removed the blindfold letting me see that it was her husband who was sucking me off! She said it was a bet and she hoped I didn't mind. I told it was going to cost her those fishnets and another fuck later. I got lost in thinking about nailing her again and tried to cum as quickly as I could.
The ride home with my wife was interesting. She said she had no idea that her co-workers were that way. I laughed and told her I'm sure she know. She then said that it was the first guy she fucked at the party who invited her. He told her he would have his wife keep me happy. My wife told him to dress her in fishnets and the rest would be easy.
I love my wife so much. She said when we got home that I had to fuck her in each pair of hose that I had collected that night.
The next party is at our house and I can hardly wait.

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