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Title: Senses On Overdrive

The taste and smell of pussy was completely taking me over.... my senses were in overdrive. My heart was beating so fast and the ache in my pussy and tits were agonising. My nipples, l knew, were rock hard......l needed release ...l needed to touch my tits! Oh it was unbearable but at the same time such a turn-on. Larissa started singing in the shower and broke my sex induced trance and l started to think about the position l was in.
Here l was, on my knees, my arms tied behind my back, panties in my mouth and over my face. What a sight l must look..... if the people that knew me could see me now they would not believe it...Me! a high flying executive running a whole department.... reduced to a sub....and to another woman! Oh, l knew it was only a game between me and Larissa but l knew now that l loved being ordered about and perform sexual acts. The thrill of doing such perverted things against my 'will' was like an addictive drug

l thought of my staff seeing me like this and pictured myself under their humiliating gaze and comments....'Arcana, the dirty perverted lesbian slut!' God, l'd die.........l'd have to give up my job and move house. How could l stay?

They'd have no respect for their boss....they could even blackmail me ... and to do what? ........ realistically anything! How could l do anything else if l wanted to keep my job? My job?? Who am l kidding? That would be the least of my worries would be the risk of being exposed! They could even take pics of me. Everybody has access to some form of camera nowadays.......especially mobiles. They aren't gimmicks anymore, they are actual high definition cameras capable of taking pics and videos in minute detail.

To be in that actual situation? what would it be like for real? To be at the beck and call and whims of these people who now control you.................. and know you have to do it ...... regardless of what they want.....

It made me think of my current staff....l have six people under me...all females. 4 full-time, 1 part-time and 1 temp. 4 of them are women aged between 26-38 (3 married) and the other 2 are girls ...a 16 and 17yr old. l could feel myself blushing at the thought of being discovered by them.

I tried to calm myself down .... they wouldn't discover me here .........l'm just with Larissa in our own private in our secret world in our little personal cabin.

Secure? Is the cabin door locked?? l glanced over to the door and saw to my dismay the door latch was vertical .........the cabin door was not locked!

Panic hit me....l tried to get up but Larissa had tied the excess pantyhose to the bed! .... l couldn't get up! Oh god, anybody could come in. Larissa's friends from the Duty Free or the dancers.........or even any of the Casino staff. They sometimes knocked but that was just a courtesy before they opened the door. If you wanted privacy you locked the door.......oh god.

The panic now made me want to pee....l was getting in a right state. l tried to push the dirty panties out of my mouth so l could call Larissa but the red ones over my face and mouth were not restricting me.

With that the bathroom door opened and Larissa stepped out dressed in a towel.

Smiling, she said ' Arcana, are you trying to say something?'

I tried to answer but of course couldn't, at which point Larissa laughed and bent down and pulled the panties out of my mouth.

'The doors unlocked! Lock it quick' l blurted out

That made her just laugh even more ' Ha ha , scared are we honey? Somebody might come in and see my little pantysniffer? That would be something wouldn't it? The whole ship would know in 5 mins and you can't run away from it because you are stuck on the ship.

'Larissa, stop it. You're scaring me' l said

'Sorry honey' she said 'it's a strange feeling to have this power over someone..........but l like it'

'Please' l said, somewhat begging.

She smiled and then walked towards the door ' l'm only joking.......l think'

I sighed as she locked the door and heard her say 'Anything more l can do for you lover?'

I told her l needed to pee. She came over to me and crouched down. She started to play with my hard aching nipples and looked directly into my eyes. She asked me if l was enjoying myself and is it turning me on. I tried to tell her she was driving me crazy and l've never felt so hot in my life but it came out muffled.....I was panty gagged. She smiled and asked me if l wanted to continue and l nodded my head. She laughed and wanted to know if that was a Bulgarian or Russian nod (in Bulgaria a nod means 'no', this came to light as we had a troupe of Bulgarian dancers onboard and the confusion it had caused was a source of great amusement). Pretending to be annoyed I said she knew what l meant.

'Good, that's what l wanted to hear' she said and then pulled the red dirty panties further down so the moist crotch covered my mouth and kissed me. One of her hands was at the back of my head pulling me closer into the kiss whilst her other hand continued stroking and pinching my nipple. Her tongue pushed the fabric of the dirty crotch into my mouth and l sucked greedily. She had only to touch my pussy and l would have cum but it seemed she had no intention of letting me cum. She knew l wanted to pee but just kept kissing me despite the discomfort l was in and how much l wanted release. If l had died there l would have been was my lover sharing my fetish with me. Pushing her own dirty panties into my mouth with her tongue and me sucking her sweet nectar out of them. I was in sexual heaven.

She stopped kissing and touching me and l started to speak but she put her finger over my mouth and just went 'Shhhhhhhh'. Untying the bonds that held me to the bed, she then got me to stand up. Taking the discarded La Perla thongs that had been so recently in my mouth, she instructed me to step into them. As she pulled them up my legs she playfully blew onto my pussy which sent ecstatic shivers up and down my spine. Larissa slipped them all the way up, positioned the back of the thong deep into the cleft of my ass and then gave a sharp tug. I gasped as the thong dug into my engorged pussy lips........God, l wanted to be touched but Larissa was having none of it.

I tried to speak but again she put her finger to my lips. She made me kneel again and retied my hands to the bed. Walking over to the wardrobe, she opened a draw and took a pair of black sheer hold-up stockings and came back to me. Taking one of the stockings she covered my eyes and tied it behind my head. She then caressed both of my nipples and then pinched them hard which made me moan. I felt her lips again over my panty covered mouth and then she repeated pushing the dirty crotch into my mouth with her tongue. Lovingly, l sucked her dirty panty covered tongue. It only lasted for a few seconds and then her tongue was replaced by what l knew to be the other stocking. The stocking forced the crotch of the red panties into my mouth and then she tied the stocking the same as the other....l was gagged, bound and blindfolded.

I heard her walk into the bathroom and then out again. I felt her hands start to stroke my inner thighs and thought 'At last, she's going to make me cum' but she suddenly stopped and her soft voice uttered 'My dear sweet Arcana, l know how much you are in control of your life but how much control do you really have? I know you want to pee but you are going to have to control it. I'm putting a towel between your legs just in case you are weak. We don't want pee all over our cabin now do we? Is this ok with you?

I shook my head, l did not want to pee myself and l was close to bursting.

I heard her laugh and then say 'Is that a yes or no? Are we talking Russian or Bulgarian?.........l think l'll take that as a yes then' I felt the towel forced between my legs and then l sensed her moving away and the rustle of clothes.

After a few moments l heard her say, 'Lover, l'm going to see Krassi, you remember her....that tall sexy Bulgarian dancer with the long blonde hair. I don't know how long l'll be but there again neither will you because you can't see any clocks' she then laughed.

She continued 'Now don't pee my expensive panties because l will be very mad if you mad l will probably make you clean them with your mouth'

I shook my head only to hear her say 'Now you are really getting me confused, I still don't know if that's a yes or no....... l'm so confused that when you hear me lock the door l'll do it a few times so l might end up leaving it open....then god knows what could happen?'

With that l heard a little giggle and then the door open and close. I heard the key in the lock but she locked it and unlocked it so many times l had no idea if the door was locked or not.

The silence enveloped me and my thoughts once again turned to being caught in this compromising embarrassing position. My body also craved attention...especially my pussy. I have been teased before but never like this. It would only take a few touches on my pussy and clit and l would explode. My pussy was so sensitive and l could feel my juices soaking into Larissa's dirty thong. What made it more uncomfortable was my need to was beginning to be unbearable. I steeled myself to concentrate and not pee into her panties. She said that she would make me clean them with my mouth if l did....was she serious or just joking....and would l actually do it? I tried to stop thinking about it as it just turned me on more......but l couldn't stop.

Because l was blindfolded my hearing began to get more acute. I could here music in the next cabin and people walking and talking down the corridor where all our cabins were. The cabins were all staff cabins and so l knew that it was staff and not passengers.....and that meant that anyone could call in.

Though l trusted Larissa l still had that nagging doubt that she could have left the door unlocked by mistake. This was a game that could go horribly wrong. I did not know if Larissa had gone to see Krassi or she had just gone somewhere for a while....either way she knew what she was doing to me.

She was not wrong about me remembering Krassi...once you'd met her you would never forget her.........she was absolutely gorgeous. She turned heads wherever she and women. Tall...5'10, perfect figure, fit, deep blue eyes and a brilliant white smile, topped off with long natural blonde hair....and an infectious laugh. She seemed to have fun wherever she was and was always the centre of attraction. Like most of these Eastern block girls, she could drink you under the table and like the rest of the girls she smoked. She spoke 3 languages that l knew of...Bulgarian, Russian and English but l had no doubt she had others aswell. When she spoke in English it was with that Eastern block accent that is so sexy. Put it all together and she just mesmerised you She was the lead dancer onboard the ship and rightly so. The other girls were good but Krassi was exceptional.

I'd watched her and her troupe (8 girls) in the shows on the ship and found myself fantasising about them but mainly Krassi. The outfits they wore were so revealing and sexy......especially when they were dressed in the Las Vegas showgirl outfits. The way they danced always ended up with me leaving the show with damp panties!

Sometimes me and Larissa would spend time in their changing rooms during the shows. The girls rushing in to do a quick change, a drag of a cigarette or sip of a drink.....we even helped with putting their various outfits on...we both enjoyed that and l don't have to tell you why! Of course when they left for the show l also had my eyes on their various discarded panties etc which sent me crazy. Now that Larissa knew of my panty fetish, l wondered what she would do next time we were there. We talked about which girls we'd like to have and Larissa told me which of the girls were lez, bi or straight. Krassi was bi. I knew Larissa had had a couple of the girls......but she would not tell me who. She said that she liked to keep me guessing....the bitch!

I had no idea how long Larissa had left me in the cabin. With no sense of time every second seemed like an eternity and my need to pee was getting desperate to say the least. I was not going to give in though...I was determined not to pee myself......and Larissa's panties.

I heard female laughter and talk. The language was either Bulgarian or Russian but l could never tell which. It was also very hard to tell who the voices belonged to. Being in a totally foreign language to me l found it diificult to put these voices to faces. Had Larissa brought Krassi back with her?....surely she wouldn't? Fear and panic started to seep through me and that increased my need to pee. When l'm frightened l always want to pee though l understand that this is quite common. The voices reached my cabin but carried on......again l relaxed, but not too much or my floodgates would open.

'Come on, Larissa' l thought 'enough is enough....come back'

Time continued to pass slowly and it was getting extremely uncomfortable. I wanted a drink now as my mouth entirely tasted of pussy...Larissa's.

KNOCK KNOCK 'Arcana, it's Krassi' I heard the handle being turned and held my breath. I sighed a sense of relief when the door did not was locked! OH NO! The sound of a key being put in the lock!....Larissa, what have you done? WHY? I lost control and felt my pee filling Larissa's panties, then seeping through, down the inside of my thighs. I couldn't stop it, the fear had made me lose it entirely. It went on and on.....the warm wet flooded out of me.....and now Krassi was going to see it all. My eyes started to fill up.....l was exposed!

But the door never opened, the key was taken out and l heard her walk away. What had happened? Had Larissa told Krassi about me? But why hadn't she come in? My mind was in turmoil. I didn't understand anything but l did know l'd wet myself and l could smell it and feel it. Driplets of pee were still running down the inside of my thighs.

Suddenly l heard a key being put into the lock again but this time Larissa's voice 'Arcana, it's only me....Larissa' The door opened and then closed along with the sound of it being locked again.

'Oh dear, have we had a little accident? chuckled Larissa.

I felt the stocking gag being removed and as l swallowed to get the dryness out of my mouth (and panties) she then removed the blindfold. I blinked in the light and Larissa's smiling face came into focus....her eyes sparkling mischievously. The questions spilled from me 'You bitch! What did you do? Why was Krassi here? What did you tell her?

She kissed me and told me not to worry as everything was still our secret. She then explained that she was in Krassi's cabin doing something on her computer and had asked Krassi to come to our cabin to get a bottle of Vodka. She had given Krassi her the key from her old cabin knowing full well it would not fit....but Krassi did not know that and was to come into our cabin if I was not in. Laughing, she told me if that didn't make me pee myself..... nothing would. I couldn't be mad at her...afterall, l'd entered into it willingly......well sort of. She untied my bonds and grabbed the pillows off the bed and put them on the floor. She told me to lie down I tried to take of the pee soaked panties but she told me to leave them on. She stripped off her tracksuit and l saw she was naked underneath.

She literally dived on top of me and started kissing me on my mouth, neck, ears, telling me all the time she was so hot for me. If she was hot, I was an inferno. Our naked bodies entwined together, our nipples rubbing hard against each other and her pussy rubbing mine through the soaking panties.I was not going to last long and she knew it. She moved slightly to the side so her hand could cup my aching pussy. Her fingers rubbed and pushed the wet material deep inside of me whilst her tongue invaded my mouth. I pulled her closer to me, my hands running down her naked back and then back to her head so l could pull her closer to me. She asked me if I was ready and I screamed 'Yes' and she slid down my body between my open wide legs...kissing and sucking my hard nipples along the way and caressing my naked body with her hands. Her body slid further down...her mouth leaving my tits and leaving a wet trail with her tongue as she neared my engorged pussy. She run her face and tongue over the pee soaked panties until she was at my very core. She then looked up and her hand snaked out to her tracksuit bottoms.

'For you' she said lovingly 'Krassi's dirty panties' and brought them to my mouth and nose just as her mouth covered my pussy. She sucked and licked me my pussy through the piss soaked crotch and l knew she was tasting my pee aswell as my juices.

As the fragrance and taste of Krassi's pussy invaded my mouth and nose, it was all too much. I literally exploded, I bit onto the dirty crotch so l would not scream out and cummed and cummed into Larissa's mouth. My orgasm went on and on....I've never cummed like that...I almost passed out. Larissa worked her way up my body and snuggled into my neck. Holding each other tight and close we let time take it's course as l slowly recovered. Larissa did not want me to do anything for her....she said tonight was all for me.

Laid together we talked about the night. Larissa liked the control but did not really care for the 'mistress' 'slave' talk but said she did it for me. I said l felt the same way and did it for her, which made us both laugh. I asked her what my pee tasted like and she said it was not bad at all and could become an aquired taste. She described as just 'Jack Daniels and coke' that l had drunk being served to her from a pussy...mine! but she expressed doubts about being able to do it in a morning as it would be quite strong. Kissing her, I said I would like to do the same to her......soon I hoped. She called me a pervert but said she'd like to do it anyway.

I enquired how she got hold of Krassi's panties and she replied that when she had sent Krassi to our cabin she went into the bathroom and went to the washing hamper and took them. She had seen Krassi take them off when she had gone for a shower. I expressed concern that Krassi would notice them missing and she feigned horror and said Krassi would think that she was a panty thief! We decided to return them when we went for a drink at Krassi's later that night. Larissa said that if l'm a good girl she would get a pair of Krassi's cabinmate....Anna. I clapped my hands mockingly and she called me pervert again....but her pervert.

The phone then rang and Larissa reached over and answered it. She talked for a short while (Russian, I think) and put it down explaining that it was Krassi asking when we were coming over as all the girls were there. We got up and showered together and doing that thing that l love.........washing each other along with a few caresses and kisses. I left the shower running and threw Lariissa's pee soaked panties in...oh, and the towel. When Larissa saw her panties in the bottom of the shower she said it was a waste and I would now have to do some fresh ones.

'Just say when' I answered

'Oh l will' replied Larissa....grinning

We just threw on our big t-shirts that we slummed around in our cabin. Larissa put on some fresh panties but made me wear Krassi's dirty ones as she wanted to see me sitting with the girls knowing that l was creaming Krassi's panties. I would then return them to the hamper when l used the bathroom.....or maybe not. We grabbed the Vodka and ciggies and set off. We had only got a few yards down the corridor when Larissa stopped me and ran back to the cabin.

She returned very quickly carrying the Sony DVD camera and gleefully declaring 'It's Showtime!

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