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Title: Working On Sunday

I really don't like having to come in to work on a sunday, but i figured i'd give myself a nice treat before i settled down and accomplished some real work, so i packed a vibe and headed out the door knowing what i needed to do soon!
On my drive in i got behind a girl on a bike, she had on low cut brown jeans and a belt with metal detail that flashed in the sun, it caught my eye and so did her bare back, when i got closer i could see her butt crack but no panties how disappointing. She was trying to adjust herself as she rode, but her jeans were tooo low and it 's pretty much impossible i think, i wish she had worn nice panties that i could see.

I love to catch a glimpse of nice panties, ugly panties almost make me recoil, how could a woman put that on her body when she dresses??? Doesn't she know how good it feels to know that what you are wearing underneath your clothes can make you feel so damn sexy!

I am withholding sex from my husband for the first time ever, it is nearly killing me and it's only been 2 weeks. I have to rely even more on myself now and i find I've been planning these moments of Ming with even greater anticipation than usual.

Today, i dressed knowing the plan was to come to work close my office door, do a little reading/writing on here and PLAY.

Right now, i am so wet and needy that my panties are surely going to be wonderful, hahahah I dressed in a beautiful pair i have only worn once. They are unique, and i love them because of their softness, and detail. They feel great covering my round ass, and soft pussy. I can slip my hand down my jeans and feel their softeness.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm my finger smells wonderful now!

I just closed my door, turning on some tunes and pulled out my Johnny vibe. The panties in my hand are indeed wonderful!

They are a soft muted green and blue pair of bikinis, they have pale mint green inserted stipes on the front, and are solid pale blue in the back. The stripes are made of the same soft mint green material as the elastic around the waist and legs, the stripes are see through and the panties are so thin the hair i don't shave on my mound sticks through the material. I love that, they have a nice wet spot, prepared as i began writing today.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm they are now wonderful.

I like to hold my panty softness in my hand as i use my toy. I plan to get carried away right now, and i will imagine sharing them with my pantylover.

I still have not done this, but maybe some day i hope i will.

I am going to imagine sharing the delight of my panties as i pump johnny in and out of my wet girl. I am going to picture this absolutely erotic moment, as my legs stretch out and flex, as my breathing becomes deep and my neck becomes red, and as i have my fun.

ahhhhhhhhhhh ahahhahahahha, wow weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

My vibe is now covered in my juice, i got sooooooooo wet my fingers are also covered, heheheheh

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