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Title: Wet Spot

Going through those teen years, i used to be so embarrassed when i would leave a wet spot in my panties, it made me feel like i was a freak or something for leaving marks at the end of the day. There were days when the hormones were raging, when i could literally stick my finger in a blop of girl goo, hahaha
When i moved in with my b/f (now hubby) I always worried my panties would kinda disguist him if he saw any juicy marks. He's an ultra clean freak, so i would always make sure he could never see anything when i tossed my panties in the hamper, or did laundry, etc. I would even use Spray N Wash to keep the crotches clean. You'd NEVER see my panties casually tossed around. I worried about this, until i came to this site!!!!!

Now, i am quite a different person. The thought of someone peeking between my legs MAKES ME HOT, and i'd love them to see a wet spot when they did.

My panties never see Spray N Wash, and i love the look of them on the top of the laundry pile. I have left them on the hardwood floor in my bedroom, tossed by my side of the bed, for a few hours, just because they looked so pretty, and tempting to ME. hahaha

Last weekend, we had a delivery at the house. I knew they would be in our bedroom between 10 and noon. When i came back from the chiro. appt. well, what do you think was on the top of my laundry basket in the closet, clearly on display if any of the men in my bedroom wanted to peek!!??? hahahah

I bet my neck was a bright red, i got sooooo excited at the THOUGHT that one of those guys might be into panties and had spotted them.

I LOVE the look of a wet spot in my panties, the bigger, the better, because i know i've been having some good fun when i see that!

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