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Title: Horny Shower

One day I was about to have a shower after finishing work. My parents were away on holiday, and my brother hadn't arrived home yet.
I was at the bathroom door with my towel around me when I heard my brother arrive home and he was coming up the stairs. I panicked as I didn't fancy being caught with my towel around me and I rushed into the bathroom, just in time as he entered the landing. I heard two voices and I recognised the other voice as being Geoff's. Geoff was his best mate.

Mmmm I quite fancied Geoff, he was quite a hunk. Tallish, wavy brown hair, gorgeous blue eyes and he wore glasses, I had a real thing for glasses and they really seemed to suit him and they turned me on.

I heard them go upstairs to my brothers room. I switched on the shower and let my towel drop to the floor admiring my sexy curves in the bathroom mirror. I turned around to admire my neat firm butt. The bathroom mirror began to steam up and I felt delicious and erotic as I stood under the shower and let the hot water run over my naked body. I arched my neck back and felt the water trickle down my neck and I covered myself lavishly in soap working up a real lather and massaging it into my breasts.

I picked up the shower head and began to wash off the soap and then I stood with my legs slightly apart and put it under my legs, mm it made me tingle inside and I felt waves of pleasure go through me and I was getting more and more turned on by the feel of the jets against my aching pussy.

I suddenly heard someone going downstairs and then what happened next bought me to awareness as I heard a noise very close behind me. It was the bathroom door opening and I suddenly remembered I had forgotten to shut it and I turned around and gasped to find my brothers mate standing there in the bathroom and there was me butt naked, soaking wet with the shower head up my crotch. He pretended to be shocked, but I figured he must have heard the shower running and knew I was in here.

He stifled a grin and said " I'm sorry the door was open"

" I must have forgot to shut it" I said, "oh god I am sorry"

The fact that I was so turned on by the shower head and the fact that I really fancied him made me feel really naughty and wild.

"wait I said, If you want to use the loo I have finished now, don't leave on my account" I said and I winked.

he blushed a little but I could see a twinkle in his eye and I could tell he was more than a little turned on by the hard shape that had formed in his trousers.

" your brothers gone out and wont be back for quite some time" he said "he left me to keep an eye on things" he winked.

I stepped out of the shower and trickles of water ran down my body and over my hard and erect nipples. I was unbelievable horny for him. I just wanted to have him right there on the bathroom floor. I could see he was thinking along the same lines, our eyes met and we both knew what we wanted.

The bathroom was full of steam and it was very hot. "you must be hot I said " take off your jacket" " let me help you" and I removed his jacket and before I knew it I was unbuttoning his shirt, pop pop pop went all the buttons I slid my hand inside his shirt and slithered my hands around his chest. I pressed my wet horny pussy right against his erection.

before I knew it I had ripped off his shirt and was unbuttoning his trousers. My mouth went down onto his manhood. I was inside his underpants now and his trousers were on the floor. I stroked his hard penis softly with my finger tips and then as I was stroking it I pursed my lips around it and planted soft seductive kisses while caressing and stroking, mm then I began to slide his cock further and further into my mouth and slid my mouth up and down. It was warm and deliciously salty. My lips trembled with delight as he pushed his dick further and further into my mouth.

"I want to fuck your pussy" he said so I got on all fours and he pushed his dick into my hot horny quivering wet pussy. I was almost gonna cum I was so horny from the shower head. He pushed it in and he pushed it good and I cried out begging for mercy.

The bathroom was full of steam and he fucked me real hard and I groaned as he pushed in and out. " I always wanted to fuck you" he cried out, " I knew you were horny for it"

I cried out as one more time he pushed and that time he cum inside me and I writhed and trembled to a climax and then we went upstairs, " your brother will be actually be gone hours" he said...and then we went into my bedroom and we did it again on my bed. Mmmmmmmmm.

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