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Title: Teasing The Boss

My husband, Mike, gets a major thrill when I pre-arrange special situations with other men,where he get's to watch me being his naughty "PantySlut" wife. Mike especially loves that fact that over the course of our marriage, I have had several different jobs where I was able to tease and please my bosses. Several years back, I took a job in a small video store owned by a Chinese man named Mr. Chou. It was a really small place and he was looking for someone to help him out since he ran it himself and was there 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. He spoke broken english but was very friendly and couldn't take his eyes of of my legs during the interview. I purposely gave him several nice long peeks at my panty crotch and he hired me on the spot. I reported for work the next day and hoping that my new boss might have a thing for panties, I wore a really short black pleated mini skirt. My hunch was right. The minute he saw me, his eyes got as big as saucers. He gave me a tall stack of videos and led me to a ladder that ran a long the wall. I climbed up about three steps and started putting videos away on the shelves. Mr. Chou was standing right below me when he asked me to step up one more step on the ladder. When I did, he stood in front of the ladder and just blantantly stared up my little skirt at my tight white nylon panties and stocking tops. When I looked down at him and just smiled, he reached up and pulled the front of my skirt outwards and said, "Oh Susan, you beautiful girl, you like show Mr. Chou your panties, huh?" I giggled and grinned and said, "Sure Mr. Chou, you can peek at my panties all you want." Well that was all it took. Every day for about a week Mr. Chou was peeking up my little skirts all day at work. His compliments came in broken english but I loved hearing them. By the beginning of week 2 on the job, he started helping himself to copping quick feels up my skirt. Of course, I made it obvious that I didn't mind at all. At first, he just walked by me and give me a quick slap on the ass. I'd say something like, "Ohhh, Mr. Chou, that feels good" or "Mr. Chou, you naughty boy." Finally, he got more daring. One day after we closed up the store, I was standing behind the counter, kind of leaning over it a bit. I flipped the back of my skirt up over my waist. His office was right directly behind me and it had a huge picture window in it. He had a perfect view of my pink nylon panties and thigh highs. I wiggled my pantied ass from side to side and I could hear him moaning a bit. So, I looked back over my shoulder and caught him standing up in front of his desk, jacking off as he looked at me. He tried to stuff his cock back in his pants but it was so hard and long that he fumbled with it and got all embarrassed. I smiled and with one hand, motioned for him to come out to me. When he did, his pants were still unzipped so I reached in, and pulled out his raging boner. The I leaned back over the counter top and said, "You wanna rub it on my panties, Mr. Chou?" He grinned and said, "Oh hell yes Miss Susan, that be so good for me. He quickly grabbed my waist and pulled my pantied ass up against his cock, letting it slid up and down between my cheeks. When I reached between my legs and grabbed his balls, he quick shot hot cum all over my pink satin panties. I slipped them off and used them to clean up his cock and then went to my purse and retrieved a clean pair of pale yellow panties. A good pantytease is always prepared. Over and over, Mr. Chou said, "Tank You, Tank You so much Miss Susan. That was the beginning of a 2 Year Panty Affair that I had with my boss. I was coming home from work with cum all over my panties on a regular basis and it was driving my husband wild. This went on for about 3 months when I started bringing Mr. Chou home on Friday nights. I'd call my hubby and tell him to position himself out on the patio deck and get ready for a good show. Then when I showed up with my boss, I'd take off everything except my panties, bra, garter belt, stockings and heels and let Mr. Chou grope me all over. I'd usually finish him off with a hand job or on occasion, when I wanted to really make my hubby squirm, I'd give Mr. Chou a nice long slow blow job, gazing up occasionally straight across the Den to see my hubby peeking through the glass door. Oh, God I flippin love that!!!Something else that drove my hubby nuts was when I pulled my panties to the side and let Mr. Chou put just the head of his cock in my pussy while I stroked him. Right when he was just about to explode, I'd pull his cock out and let him squirt his hot cum on my pussy lips. Then I'd let my panties slid back and rub the cum into my panty crotch. My hubby loved watching me tease and please Mr. Chou and I must admit, it was one of the funnest jobs I ever had too. Damn, I love being my husbands PantySlut!!!!

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