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Title: Fredericks Of Hollywood

I had a 'kind-of" embarrasing moment that actually turned out quite well. Fredericks of Hollywood was having a 10 for $10 clearance panty sale that I just couldn't pass up. When I got to the store, all of the sale panties were in bins right at the front of the store with quite a few ladies digging through. I joined the group, getting a few "unsupportive stares" from several of the ladies, especially the younger ones. The lady I was right next to looked over at me as I grabbed a real sexy lacy floral pair of bikinis out and she said "those would look very cute on you". I looked at her and smiled, just grabbed a random pair and asked "what about these?" A couple of the other girls nearby gasped and I hear comments. She grabbed the panties out of my hand and said they were ugly, then proceeded to pick out several pairs for me that met her approval.
It turned out her friend worked there and they have serveral "regulars" that are guys. She took all of the panties and told me to follow her to the back of the store. She stopped by the lingerie clearance rack and grabbed a couple other items that she said would fit me well. I was actually wearing a teddy that day, so tryng on underwear over it was pretty simple. She came to the dressing room with me and I tried on at least 30 pairs of panties and three different pieces of lingeie that day, plus she tried on several for herself. When we were done, she said she would give me the panties that she was wearing on the condition that I buy her dinner that night. I eagerly accepted and she removed and handed me her cute little green thong right there. I brought home 20 new pairs of panties, one freshly worn pair, a bustier set, another teddy and a cami/panty combo, along with the phone number of the lady who I am now dating. The faces of the women in there when we walked out of the dressing room was priceless.

I am happy to find someone who understands my additction.

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