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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Shopping For Bras

I was visiting another town last week so this was the perfect opportunity for some shopping.
I went to a chic department store. This was in the morning and rather quiet. The bras I prefer in such occasions is a soft cup so that I can wear them under my male clothes without showing. So I was looking for 36A bras and told the clerk as so. I found one with molded cups. I knew I would not buy it but just wanted to try a bra in that store. Aren't I wicked?

So I headed for the clerk, bra in hand, when another clerk came to see her. Now I was about to confront two of them... great. So I politely asked if I could try it on. They both looked at each other and one said that I would need to go to the male section. I replied that it was complicated, that I wouldn't want to travel the store for that. The other girl then said that it was very quiet and that I could use the department cabins and that if a female customer came, she would take her to cabins in her section. Phew, I was relieved. Tried it on, and came out and explained to the girl that it was too shapely and creating bulges under my shirt. We spent 5 minutes looking for a suitable bra but they didn't have any. I thanked them both for their great service and went to another store.

The next one, was another store I had bought before. This was a designer store and I told the girl that I already another model but was looking for a new model from the designer. She showed it to me and I asked to try it on. Without missing a beat she led me to the cabins. I undressed and tried the bra, it was a large and too big so I tried to adjust it a bit. The girl came back and asked how it was. I replied that I was having a hard time adjusting it as it was rather large. She asked if she could help. Of course, I said yes. So there I was in the cabin, wearing a bra, with the salesgirl adjusting the bra I was wearing. She commented on how nice it was and that now that she was seeing it, she had to buy one for her as well... She said it wasn't that big but I told the thong (it was a kit and sold as such) was indeed way to big (true, I had tried it on before she came back). She left and I dressed back and gave her my email for when they would receive my size.

Last one was a LaSleeza store. I saw this bra that I wanted. Now they only 36B and I wanted 36A. I asked the young girl and she went to look into the drawers to try to find the right size. Not finding any, she told me that 34B would be a very close equivalent, that she could give me a gift receipt if it wasn't properly fitting my wife. I told her it was for me and asked if I wanted to try it on. Of course! So I took it to the cabins. 34 was very tight. She was waiting for me and asked out it was when I exited. I told her it was too tight and offered for me to try the 36. I went back to the cabins and decided to take it. So I went to the cash register and when the other clerk there asked if I needed a gift wrapping and told her that I didn't need one, that this was for me. I also asked her to not wrap it all that if I could, I would go put it on right away before leaving the store. She agreed, made me pay and led me to the cabin.

What a great day!

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