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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: My Shopping Trip

I went in the morning to a mall that's always dead. I went to Victoria's Secret first and started looking around...I wanted to get some Body By Victoria hi-leg briefs, since they're so comfortable . I wasn't finding anything I liked, so I asked a girl working if there were other colors to choose from. She asked me what colors I was looking for, and I said "pinks or know, less boring stuff." She actually dug through the bin under the table and found three really pretty plain pink, one pink and white wide-striped, and one multi-colored thin-striped print (with pink in it). They were a better deal if you bought 3 pair, so I was pretty happy.
I asked her to hold them while I went to check another store, and she put them away for me, but before I left I asked about a bra to match. She asked for the size and I told her 38B...I wasn't expecting much but she said she would find what she had while I was gone. She was really nice.

Anyway, then I went to Frederick's of Hollywood to look around. There was a young girl working who didn't seem to know much...she seemed like she was probably new. I was asking about costumes, just for fun (doing some research for Halloween), and she wasn't all that helpful, but I eventually asked if I could try them on and she said yeah. So I tried on a French Maid costume and a bar wench costume, but only the French Maid costume fit, and only in an XL (guess I need to go to the gym).

So then I went back to Victoria's Secret, and the girl who had helped me greeted me with FOUR different Body by Victoria bras in pink to match the panties we'd picked out. It was awesome. One of them was actually wireless, and it had lace trim...very pretty. I was pretty sure I liked that one best, but I wanted to make certain, so I finally admitted that I was buying for myself and asked if I could try them on. She was really nice about it, and let me into the fitting room to try them all on. She also showed me the "assistance" button and said if I needed help she would come in. COME IN, I thought? cool!

Anyway, I tried them all on, saving the wireless lace-trimmed one for last, and of course I liked that one best. But it was really tight on my shoulders, so I thought I'd ask her how to loosen the straps. I pushed the "assistance" button, but she didn't actually come in the fitting room with me. Bummer. She just told me what to do from outside the door. Still though, she was really nice and helpful. So I got the three pairs of panties and the bra, and she was really nice as she was ringing me up, talking about other things I might like and telling me to come back anytime. Hooray!

As I was leaving, I passed another lingerie store that had costumes, so I wandered in and the girl in there was really nice too! She was giving me all these ideas about what might work, including this thing called a "butt booster" that she let me try on with a couple of the costumes. It makes it look like you have a big old girlie's pretty funny. Anyway, I ended up trying on three different costumes, and a couple of them fit, but they were going to be pretty expensive. I did buy a matching white flower lace cami and panty set that was on clearance for $7 though.

So it was a great day...trying on lingerie in three different stores in the mall, and having really helpful girls assisting me for the most part. It was so much fun. Great day.

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