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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Telling Checkout Girl

I was TJ Maxx shopping for some slacks and shirt to wear on my new job that I started this past Monday. I found several pair of panties for me and some for some lady friends. I get to the counter and the lady, a young girl, nice looking, a little chunky for my taste, especially at her age, she asked me if I wanted her to put my stuff in a separate bag. Their some other women a bit further down, engaged in a some what loud conversation, so I felt comfy when I looked the young lady in the eye and told her all of that stuff is my stuff. She blushed, and then I started separating the panties by size. I went on to say that these are for me, and this pair is for a local lady friend, and that this pair has to be sent to a lady friend out of town. She blused some more. She told me the total of my bill and I said... WOW, didn't expect to spend that much. I did some rough math, then said, oh well yeah, I guess with the pants and two shirt, then all the panties, that is about right so let me stop whining. I went on to say that just because I wear panties doesn't mean I should be crying like a girl right? She blushed again, I thanked her she thanked me, I left the store.

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