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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Shopping With Girlfriend

I went panty shopping with my girlfriend Saturday. We spent almost 4 hours shopping for panties at various stores! Sometimes when we are shopping and discussing panties, my girlfriend forgets that other women may be around to overhear what she is saying. Up to now, as far as I know, no one has ever overheard us. That changed Saturday :-)
We were at Macy's looking through their bin of clearance panties. While my gf was looking at a different display, I had already picked out a few pairs that I thought were nice. When she came over I showed them to her. The first ones were light blue and all lace bikini. She examined them and said "There is no elastic on the legs and the lace isn't very supportive. I don't think these will hold you in very well". Looking at them more carefully I had to agree and set them back (I often pick out panties by how pretty they look rather than how comfortable/practical they are!)

I showed her the next pair which were pink high cut briefs that also had alot of lace. These she liked better, her comment was "These are high cut you know? You'll have to be careful that you don't show your panties to everyone when you are wearing them." I assured her I'd be careful.

The final pair I showed her were a sexy string bikini. They were white with a light gray lace panel over the front. Very pretty. The discussion went like this: "You already have a pair of these in blue." "I know, they fit really nice and these are white. Besides, they are only $2.50" She looked at the tag, they were a size 7. "You should get an 8, that is what the others are. I think 7 might be too small on you" "OK, yeah, the others don't need to be any tighter" She rummaged around a bit and found another white pair in size 8.

My girlfriend then went to the changing room to try them on. Leaving me there with a handful of panties that we had already picked out. Just as she was walking away, this goth looking girl comes around from the other side of the clearance bin. She was pretty cute, probably only like 20 or so years old. She smiles at me and right away I realize she probably heard our conversation. She looks at the panties and then picks up the white size 7 bikini that I had originally picked out (it was laying flat on top of all the other panties). She turns to me and says "Are these the panties you like so much? I can see why. They are very pretty" She holds them up with both hands and then lowers them to my waist. "Your girlfriend is right these would be too small for you" She then reaches over and looks through the panties that I am holding in my hand. "Very nice! Are these all for you? I bet you look really cute in your panties" She then took the white bikini pair she was holding, rubbed the fabric against my arm and said "I think I'll take these, they are pretty. I'll think about you when ever I wear them." She started to turn to walk away. She giggled and pointed to the handful of panties I was holding "Enjoy your panties, panty boy" She then walked away.

The whole time I was in such shock that I didn't say a word. I was so excited that I could feel the wetness in my panties. Only a minute or so later my girlfriend came back. I debated telling her what had just happened, but decided to keep it to myself. We spent a little more time looking and then went to the registers to pay. A cute blond rang us up. I couldn't help but wonder if she knew the panties were for me. I felt like everyone around me knew these were my panties.

Overall a very exciting experience. I just wished I actually talked to the goth girl! I would have loved to model some panties for her!

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