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Submitted Shopping Experience Stories

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Title: Another Panty Guy

I went back to the store today at about 730pm they have started to carry mens boxers and sleep pants. So I don't worry as much about going in. My sales girl was there as well as 5 girls shopping. i walked to the dressing room and she just passes me 4 or 5 pairs at once. I first put on a super shiny white granny panties. I could hear the 5 girls shopping and 2 of the were in the dressing room next to me. I couldn't wait any longer I started stroking. It wasn't thirity seconds I blew my load. I gathered my stash of panties and went to the check out She rang me up as usual. Just then another guy walked in looked to be my age 21 or so. She looked at me and said there is another regular. This perked my intrest I have never run guy who was panty lover. I went out to my car and waited for him to come out. He walked out I said "what did you get. He said I live about a mile away if ya want to play. I have never been with another guy so I was a little scared i agreed. We get to his house he lived with his parents. We went to his basment. he poped in a video this wasnt good gay butt slaming porn. He had already pulled down his pants exposing a huge cock covered in the same style panties I had already tried on. I dropped my pants and showed my goods. His hand was all over my cock. I was a little worried but when I touched his cock in those panties it was won over. At home I have a few dildos and woundered what a real cock was like. I look at the porn and a guy was gettin railed in the ass it looked good. He was right next to me so I got on to all fours and pointed at my butthole. he got behind me and put on a condom lubed me up and pushed my panties to the side. He started to enter me way to big for my ass I tried to get up he clamped down. I said wait he said no and started to fuck me really hard. he reached around and rubbed my cock thru my panties. This guy was a pro he came quickly. I turned over and tried to beat off. then his buddy cames down stairs this was a setup he said it was cool chill. so i went back to stroking, both him and his buddy stood over and stroked there cocks. just before i came they blew there load all over my chest. we all hung out and before I left I sucked them both off.

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