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Title: First Time Buying

Well I finally had the balls to go to my local Kohl's & buy myself some panties!
I got some advice from reading a few posts by other members & I just took a few different approaches & combined them. I went in with what looked like a "honey do list" or a special size list for the wife & walked right over to the panties section, I didn't look too long at anyone (I saw & made eye contact with a few ladies) as the wild, fantastic, HEART POUNDING, adrenaline rushed through my body!!!!

I simply walked around to the area of interest, which in this case was the "boy shorts" I looked for my size (it's a 5/6 same as my wife glad I looked b4 I left) & I picked not 1, not 2, but 3 pair of the hottest tiny nylon/spandex undies.. I got solid black (in case I want to wear out, it's a safety color) then I got a pair of the red stripe & 1 of the blue stripe..

While shaking from the rush going through me I held my head high & continued to walk around the area looking for colors-styles for my next purchase (next pay period) I went up to the counter to the checkout girl, paid for my things & went on my way, the whole time wanting to do back flips, jumps for joy, & scream "I'm a man & I just bought myself panties in public"...

I'm needless to say wearing my blue striped now with one of the biggest hottest hard-ons I've had in some time, which I'm not going to release any fluid (yet) for now I want to enjoy this feeling for some time....

Thank you to everyone here who has ever given some advice on how to get past that first time & buying your panties with your head (the big one LOL) held high & feel great about it!!!! All I can say is for the hunnies that haven't bought your panties from a crowded store yet, DO IT !!! it feels awesome & once you get the panties in your hand you really don't care what people think because your done & the adrenaline rush is fantastic!!!!!!

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