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Title: Dream Dresser

After buying new panties and skirts, I like to have a little fashion show. After I shave, I slip on my new thong panties and a little black skirt. A sleeveless top and I'm ready for the runway! I stand in front of a full length mirror, with some hot music playing and begin to dance, with my skirt swirling over my waist. My panties flash on the mirror, and my big clit takes up all of the material in my little thong. Slowly, my hands make it under my skirt and begin to play with my clit...little tender strokes. As the music continues, my skirt falls to the floor and I my clit all to myself, but wish I were with someone special. I dream of another dresser, with a big clit to rub against mine. The music pounds as I grab my clit and work hard at not cumming. I can only last a few minutes and I cum with my dream mate. With a crotch full of cum, I slip my fingers into the nectar and bring it to my mouth. What a dream!

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