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Title: Satin Masturbation

hi before i start my story i would like to tell you about my fetish for silk and satin. from a very young age i have masturbated while wearing satin clothing. the feel on my skin sends orgasmic shivers up my body. i like to imagine that women rub satin garments between there legs while masturbating. soaking the silky fabric with there love juices.
im sure some women must do so but not as many as i would like to think. any way my story starts when i was about 11 i think. it was new year and me and my parents and brother were going to my mum and dads friends house for a party. they were yuppy types spam and chips vill any way its about 9 oclock we arrive at the house in a taxi we walk in and sit down and start with some snacks samosas and crisps some time later more people arrive the start to get pissed and i steal some beer after a few cans i head for the toilet upstairs when i arrive at the top of the stairs i see there bedroom across from the bathroom. i get a rush of excitement and walk in the bedroom i start to look through the dresser raking in the dark my heart is beating franticly with excitement and the fear of getting caught. finaly i feel something a flowery satin slip red satin with green flowers on it.

my cock is ragin with how silky it feels i quickly shove it down my pants and head for the toilet. i lock the door and strip the satin slip glides to the floor almost floating i pull my pants off and slip the silky nightie over my head. the silky material slides down my body shaking every time it brushes against my butt and hard cock. i lean against the door and start to masturbate slow at first then franticly but finding it hard to come as im really pissed.

as i jerk off sweat runs off my head. as i am just about to come my brother bangs on the door in a faint voice i tell him to give me a minute then i explode comming through the long silky slip covering it with come i fall th the floor and catch my breath after a couple minutes i get dressed and put the slimey slip covered in come back in the dresser and go downstairs that was the most intense satin experience to this day and to make it better the incedint never came up she never told on me why i dont know .

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