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Title: Panty Pillow

Requirements: 3 pairs of panties a pillow and some string (optional) heres one of my favorite things to do with panties. first get a regular sized pillow. put a pair of panties on both ends of the pillow, silky panties work best but use your own discretion. ok now fold the pillow over. i recommend you fold it so the backside of the panties is on the inside so you will get most of the panty fabric. Now take a 3rd pair of panties and put them on the pillow, pull the panties up over the pillow so the crotch of that 3rd pair of panties is on the gap of the pillow. now you will have to cut a hole in the crotch of that 3rd pair of panties dont use crotchless regular panties because the hole will be too big and sloppy. so cut the hole in the crotch of the panties big enough for your dick to get through now peer inside the hole and see a really silky panty pussy, ram your dick inside and have some great panty sex! you can use a string on the pillow under the 3rd pair of panties to further tighten the pillow to make the panty chamber tighter.
I tried this but my preference is to use 4 pairs of panties and instead of cutting a hole in one, pull the 4th pair overtop of the 3rd, ease one to the left and one to the right and slide your tool in - awesome! Strongest cum I've had for a while!

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