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Title: Great Sissy Weekend

I don't know what it is about holiday weekends but my Wife/Mistress seems to always take the opportunity to expand on our exploration of my sissy personality. This week she had her monthly and instructed me that for the entire time she had it, I'd be in panties and pantyhose. Well that ended up going even farther this weekend. We did the grocery shopping, and while at the store we stopped in the cosmetics department. She began looking at different shades of lipstick, eyeliner, blush, etc and asked me which one's I liked. She bought a truck load of new make-up. Well when we got home, I found out that it was for me!!! I know have my own make-up kit (Thank you Mistress). Mistress took time with me that night to show me exactly how to apply all that makeup. Starting with foundation, curling my eye lashes, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, blush and of course lipstick. The lipstick she bought was very interesting as well. It is some new thing from CoverGirl where you paint on the color first, then put a gloss over the top. The gloss wears off but the paint will last for days. There are only a couple things that will remove it but she refuses to tell me what. Basically now, any time I put on this lipstick, I'm at her mercy to provide me with the necessary remover in order to get it off. So far she hasn't been too mean about it, but I can certainly see the potential. I was able to figure out what 2 of the 3 removers are so she has now locked away the baby oil and makeup removers and hidden the key. She's had me practice a couple times this weekend with applying the make-up (up to now whenever I've worn it she's done it for me). I'm actually getting pretty good. As we were watching her soap operas on monday, she pointed out to me how the actresses had used the same techniques she showed me. It was a great weekend, I wish it hadn't had to end.

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