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Title: Using A Slut's Panties

Over the last 6 months or so, a married friend has been seeing a married woman from the office where he works. So that they can spend time together, in other words fuck, I sometimes let them stay at my place when it's convenient. The reason I am so keen to let them stay over is because I get to hear them fucking, but also I get access to her dirty panties, often stained with spunk after sex! He is in his mid forties and she is a 30-something curvy woman with shoulder length dyed-blonde hair. She often wears tight-fitting trousers that show a clear panty-line against her ample arse. They usually arrive on Friday evening and we go to the pub, followed by drinks back at my place. They always end up having sex in the spare bedroom, and I wank my cock while they are riding. I can hear the bed creaking, her moans and his grunting as he fills her cunt with his spunk. They usually fuck on the Saturday morning as well, before we go to the pub for lunchtime drinks. On the Saturday night, their routine is to go for a "romantic" meal, followed by more sex before they leave on the Sunday. Of course I don't go out for the meal and that is my chance to get at her panties! The pattern is always the same, the Friday night panties will be soiled by her cunt, knowing she is certain to get her lover's cock up her hole. During the daytime on Saturday she wears panties that get stained by the semen leaking out of her cunt, following at least two fucks. She always showers and changes before going out with my friend, leaving me with two pairs of very dirty, sexy panties to enjoy. I sniff them, wear them and wank my cock with them, all the time taking pics with my digital camera. I particularly enjoy the gussets that are not only stained by her cunt juice, but also soiled with her lover's spunk. I always end up shooting my own load on the spunk stained crotch, knowing she won't notice it as my spunk, rather than that of her lover. She is a real slag and my friend just uses her for sex. I've got a good collection of pics of her panties being abused by me and I wank when I look at those

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