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Title: Old Lady Panties

A couple of days ago my neighbor asked me for some help in her garden, she is a real good looking 60 year old blond with a real nice ass, small perky tits, sometimes she goes bra less and her nips stand out real nice, she keeps in great shape because she is very athletic, anyway, so she asks me to do this favor and when I show up she says she has to run an errand and leaves in her car. So I wait about five min. and then go up to the back of the house and stick my head in the door and call out, in case she was still there or her husband. When the coast seemed clear I walked in checked the laundry room for the hamper but it wasnt in there and the machines were empty. I then strode to the back bedroom and just inside by the door was the wicker hamper. Bingo! dove right in trying not to disturb the arrangement of the clothes too much. Was mostly jeans and t-shirts but down at the bottom was the treasure. The fuking caddilac of old lady panties! A pink nylon support vassarret just worn a day or less ago. A very nice cream spot up sort of high on the gusset and a couple of skid looking marks a bit lower, but they arent low enough to be skid and they arnt as pungent as skid, a bit crusty though, so I must conclude that she must still ovulate sometimes or that she had gotten a nice ass fucking and leaked a bit, but there is a nice light pungent spot a bit farther back on the gusset which is true ass spice. I am really stoked, I have been waiting for about five years to get a hold of a pair of her panties and the opportunity finally arrived

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