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Title: Picking Up The Girls

My friend dated this girl who moved away about 14 years ago.She moved about 2 1/2 hours away so he would drive there and spend time with her or go and get her and bring her back to spend time with us. She was a good looking girl about 20.she had an older sister about 28 and 3 younger sisters 19, 18 and 13.this one time he couldn't go up there to pick up her and 2 of her sisters. He asked me if I would do him a favor so I said sure and drove there to pick up the girls..When I got there I had to use the bathroom for a little sit down if you know what I mean. The 19 year old was in the shower so they told me to use this other bathroom. I had to go pretty bad so I kinda rushed in and started doing my thing and was just about finished when I started looking around the room. I saw that there was a couple of towels on the floor and some clothes.on the sink. There was some jewelry so I looked at it and there was a gold charm with the name of the 18 year old..She was the sexy one although they all looked similar she just had a sexy way about her. I looked around and saw a shirt and a bra, but no panties. I finished up and was about ready to leave when I had a second thought and looked under the towel. and there was a pair of red sweatpants and as I picked them up there was a pair of white bikinis with little flowers on them. They were stuck in the crotch of the sweatpants like she pulled off her pants and panties together.Well I just had to spend more time in the bathroom. I didn't take too long her panties smelled pretty good but I did work up a sweat because it was hot. I finished and tried to put the stuff back the way it was..After I got out and we were leaving and the 19 year old asked me why I was sweating. I thought to myself for a second and made something up and we all drove back together

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