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Title: Girlfriend's Mums Panties

Arrived a little early to pick up my girlfriend for a swim. Her mum was home watching tv with her little brother who was off school for the day. I sat with them for a little while and when the mum sat down I was amazed by the amazing pantie flash she gave me. I knew her daughter was a total slut, so probably the mom loved to fuck as well. It was time to grab a pair of her panties I figured, and major bonus was I knew where the upstairs bathroom was. I walked slowly up the stairs, and dived into the parents room. Most pantie drawers are in the same place, a smaller drawer at the top. Hers was different, she had a long drawer full to the top with the biggest collection I'd ever seen. I ran my hand through slowly, and grabbed a white silky pair of bikini style with little lace panels. I raced to the bathroom and wrapped my cock in them, and went down stairs and sat with her again. It was way cool sitting there feeling my cock pulsing occasionally in her soft little panties, while we chatted. I even slipped my fingers down the front to feel them as we talked. My girlfriend was going to endure the result of this pantie adventure

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