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Title: Grabbing Her Used Panties

Went to the girlfriends house today, and was really wanting to grab a pair of her used panties. When I got my oppertunity I went to the hamper to search out what I could find. It didn't take long as there were a nice cotton bikini with flowers on them, size 6. I turned them inside out to inspect the cotton paneled crotch and there was a nice cunt stain. When I lifted them to my nose they were very sweaty smelling with just the right amout of muskyness, and just a fantastic sweet spot where her cunt rubbed all day and night. They were even still a little moist which I love. I took them into her bathroom and inhaled deeply savoring the beautiful scent she emits. Needless to say my cock was hard a rock in no time, her panties seem to do that to me very quickly! So I dropped my pants and held her beautifully scented used underwear to my nose while I jacked off my cock. I shot a big rope of spunk out of my cock which went onto her bathroom floor, and then managed to get the rest of it in the toilet. Very good relief needless to say

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