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Title: Great Girlfriend

I stole a pair of my girlfriends string bikinis on our first date. She was wearing these jean cutoffs when we met and invited me in her apartment. She laid down on her bed and pulled her legs up and gave me a nice glimpse of the blue bikinis which made me hard. She went into her roomie's room to tell him she was going out, and I sneaked a pair of bikinis out of her drawer... they were tan. We went to lunch with them in my pocket, and I had to go to the bathroom to see them. We finished her lunch and I took her back to my apartment where we talked then fooled around and I ate her pussy. We're still together 9 years later!!!!! It wasn't until probably several years later that I told her of my panty fetish after she moved in with me 5 months from our first date. We began the swinging life after that, and she loves to eat pussy now!!! I did keep a panty collection from other girls that I'd taken panties from. She is aware of this collection and doesn't seem to mind. I'm not as aggressive as I used to be in obtaining them though. I used to get them out of laundry room dryers and even out of girls apartments when I was maintenance guy. Now, I only take panties from girls selectively. I'm in a field where I have access to people's homes, and my job is worth way more than any panties will ever be. Believe me, I've been in several hot ladies' homes and it was so tempting! Some of the string thongs that the teenagers wear are so unbelievable..... I do take them from time to time from friends and people like that. One friend/coworker of my girlfriend's when she was working, I scored several pairs. She didn't seem to care that I was running around her apartment in her bedroom, which was messy, and I got into her panty drawer.... we lost contact though with her, but she'd mentioned she wanted to try it with a girl. Now, whenever we fuck, she wears her panties. She wears mostly thongs, and dresses sometimes so that her pantylines show. That is so hot!

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