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Title: Love To Watch A Man Jerk Off

I love to watch a man jerk it... One of my favourite experiences was having a guy stand at the foot of the bed. I was at the headboard, sitting up and playing with my vibe while I watched him, jerking it .. .. watching me. He shot his load at me from the foot of the bed. I still remember watching it in amazement. It felt like slow motion sailing across the space. It hit my tits.. splat.. I was soooo amazed.. and I remember touching it and then, I just let loose on myself. GOD ... that felt great! One of my more recent masturbating fantasies is that. I am lying on the couch.. wearing only panties. I always picture little "boy cut bikinis" for this..... I am lying on my tummy fingering myself.. propped up a little on pillows on the arm of the couch. A man is standing beside me.... and he is sniffing my panties... jerking it and watching my hips rise and fall as I play. He rubs his cock on my neck, on the side of my face, my shoulders, etc. and I can feel the wet precum as he touches me. He teases me.. getting lower and lower on my back until he is pulling on the elastic of my panties...with his cock. My breathing gets more ragged and I get closer to an orgasm. When he can tell I am getting ready to explode... he slaps my ass.. driving my finger in deeper.. and making me moan out loud as I begin to orgasm... this causes him to explode... and he shoots his load at the small of my back.. right above my panties.. and I orgasm like crazy feeling that... warm wetness being unloaded on me

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