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Title: Girlfriend Watching Me

I'm 21 years old and I was dating a 20 year old girl and I got caught jacking off in her bathroom with her panties, she was really cool about the whole situation she walked up to me and we started fucking on the sink. And we never brought it up. Then one day while we are fooling around I took her panties off and sniffed them in front of her, well she started blowing me as I sniffed her panties. I layed her on her back, kneeled over her face, while sniffing her thong and jacking off, she loved it, she was touching herself and smiing up at me, then I finished all over her face. Well this opened up a whole new door in our relationship, she told me she actually liked watching me masturbate, and even more she got off by me finishing on her. So we came to the conclusion that everytime I wanted to masturbate I would do it infront of her, and in return she let me siff her panties and cum on her face everytime.

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