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Title: Listening To Husband

When I first suspected what my hubby was doing I used to lay traps to be certain, it always turned me on to know that he'd been in the laundry basket looking for panties. Sometimes I'd go look and they'd still be warm so I knew he'd just put them back, knowing he'd been sniffing the dirty crotch always made me wet. Then one particular night as I was getting ready for bed I noticed him slyly gazing at my panties while I was taking them off, his eyes lit up. I made an excuse to go back downstairs for water and when I came back the panties were gone ... Oh where could they be lol. Anyway I turned out the light, got into bed and I lay there for a while pretending to be asleep (he was doing the same thing) so I think hmm maybe he didnt take them, then the next thing he sits up slowly in bed, lights a cigarette and goes in the bathroom. He sits back on the bed and asked if I'm awake, I don't answer so he lays down and leaves the covers off himself. His hand goes under his pillow and pulls out my freshly removed panties, I peek as he pulls the pale pink thong into shape and slowly brings them up to his nose. After sniffing the dirty stains for a minute or so he places the panties on his dick which by this point is erect to say the least, wrapping them around his dick he begins to masterbate with my panties in hand. I'm still watching but he doesnt know it, its turning me on immensely and I feel my breathing getting heavy so I think its time I turn over and just listen. Just before I turn over so not to face him I see him reach under his pillow again, he pulls out another pair of my panties this time its the white cotton full backs I had worn the day before. I remember taking them off, this particular pair was heavily stained because I'd been horny all day. Anyway he starts sniffing at them and jacking off with the thong, it wouldn't be right for me to turn over at this point would it? I don't wanna put him off his stroke so to speak. I just move onto my back so that he can't feel my heavy breathing on him and listen to him breathing in the scent of my pussy as he jacks off, he's stops for a sec when I move but quickly returns to the job in hand. I hear him groaning and whispering stuff but I can't make it out, then he moves up onto his knees feeling my body as he moves. He's kneeling above me and jacking off (i'm not sure if he knows i'm awake) I'm so horny watching all this that I just want to tell him to fuck me good but I can't let him know just yet. After a few minutes of jacking with my panties in both hands he cums all over my thighs, still pretending to be asleep I watch as he wipes the cum off my thighs with the panties and then places them back on the floor where he got them from. He lays down and goes to sleep just like it never happened. I just wish I could have plucked up the courage to say something cos I was so damn hot from watching him I needed some relief

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