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Title: Tina's Panties

Went to a BBQ sunday at mt friend tina's house. Shes 20, blond hair, about 120 lbs, petite, nice plump ass though. Well all day everybody was in and out of the house getting more beer, food and using the bathroom. Then everybody started playing beer games outside, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go inside and snoop around. There was this small closet in her bathroom and a laundry basket, so I locked the door and took the basket out to check thru it. In the basket I found a pair of tina's workout grey spandex shorts and inside those was a white cotton thong. I remembered her saying she went to the gym that morning. I picked them up and they were still moist and the smell was really strong. I could taste the sweat and cum on the inner lining and I could see everybody outside from the bathroom window, so I stared at tina as she played her game. I sniifed her panties while I jerked off and I came within minutes because the whole fact of watching her while I smelled her panties really got to me. I blew my load in the panties and shorts and put them on top of the other clothes in the basket and put it back. I then went outside and went right back to the party. I know when tina does the laundry she is gonna notice it, but who cares, she'll never know who did it because there were at least 5 other guys there that were also using the bathroom that day. I just wish I could see her face when she picks up her panties and shorts to clean them, and sees cumm all over them.

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