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Title: Panty Play

Today I finally got intimate with a gal I'd met at a festival on April 3rd. All my most demented dreams came true today at about 3:30pm at her apartment about forty minutes from where I live. Her name is Katie and we have been conversing on the phone and via email for a month now. Been on several lunch dates and even more dinner dates. Three nights ago, after she'd had a few drinks, we began talking about sex and I really thought it was going to happen then, but she claimed fatigue and an early morning so we made the date for today. During that conversation, I related to her my absolute love of women's underthings and why, and she admitted her fondness for masturbation and mutual masturbation! She explined that she really liked to watch a guy jerk off. I was thinking at the time that I would gladly accomodate her right then and there! Katie is a tiny little thing! She is only about five feet tall, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, but she has the cutest little figure. She is 32 and likes older men like me at 43. I had been to her apartment three times before today and had spied a pair of satiny little string panties in her bathroom closet hamper, but I left them there because they were the only thing in the hamper! They were silky, soft, smelled sweet and gave me an instant hardon when I fondled them that evening. Today everything went to the next level very quickly when Katie asked me if I wanted to "get naked", right after I arrived! I told her yes, of course! She led me to her bedroom and stripped, but I asked her to please put her panties back on, to which she replied, "Oh yea... you and the panty thing..." That made me laugh and she just smiled. She put on her panties which were black nylon full butt bikinis. My cock got hard in a minute just seeing her petite little hips being hugged by those panties. I stepped up close to her and she grinned looking up at me, then we kissed for several minutes while our hands explored each others bodies. Her body is extremely taut and firm... very well toned muscle all over. I stepped behind her and nestled my hardon between her butt cheeks on top of those panties. Very slowly I slid my cock up and down her butt crack, getting harder the whole time. My hands slid to her belly and then up to her breasts which fit splendidly in my hands and I rubbed her nipples erect while she began to breathe deeper and heavier. At one point I pulled my hips back and slid the tip of my cock down til it was pointing between her legs from the back. Kneeling slightly, I was then able to gently slide my cock forward along her panty covered crotch until I could feel a slight bump where her clit was thru her panties, Katie began moaning softly at that point. She then leaned forward, bending slightly at the waist, putting her hands out in front of her and leaning a bit on the bed. I kept my gentle glide going, sliding silently in and out from between her thighs, my cock snugly pressed to her crotch as she began panting and moaning even deeper and more urgently. She slowly began pumping with me, meeting my thrusts and groaning more as we gained speed. I was about three seconds from cumming hard when I pulled away from her and asked her to lay flat on her back on the bed. She moved swiftly and lay, spread eagled before me wearing only that tiny black panty. She was a sight to behold, indeed. I climbed on the bed with her and knealt between her knees, leaning close to her crotch. She had gotten very wet from our play and I could see a very distinct wet stripe running the length of her panties from her cunt. The ordor was intoxicating. I leaned down and kissed her once on the mound. When she moaned throatily I began smothering her crotch with kisses. I rubbed my face round and round all over her mound and pussy, kissing, licking, blowing, sucking, nibbling and moaning. It was HEAVEN! After many minutes of this she gasped and tensed up in what I believe was a very quick but powerful orgasm. Afterward she kept pushing my face away from her clit when I got too near, saying, "Now it's TOO sensitive...!" That got me SOO hot! I moved forward and layed my aching hardon right against her panty crotch. I began dry humping Katie with all my might, stroking it firmly down against her tiny body. She wrapped her legs right around my hips and met each thrust with her own, kissing and biting my neck and shoulder. I was so ready to cum it hurt! I moved again, this time up on one knee with my throbbing cock directly above Katie's panty covered mound. I reached down and slid my right hand into the leg opening of her panty, then pulled them up and wrapped them around my cock. I told Katie to watch my cock and I started to jerk off with her panties in this position. She moaned and began coaxing me to cum, saying, "do it... gimme it... come on, I wanna see it..." She reached down and alternately stoked my cock and rubbbed her clit, grinding her hips in a circular motion and just groanig like mad. Her tiny hand slid back to cup my tight balls and at that point, BOOM!! My load shot up and hit her chin! I had SOOO much backed up and all that playing had made for a tremendous orgasm. I came for probably ninety seconds, pumping away and sliming her belly from her tits to her mound. It was absolutely fantastic. I stayed for another hour and a half or so in which time she gave me a stellar blowjob, let me fuck her between her tits then let me fuck her tight little twat until I exploded a second time on her belly.

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