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Title: What An Experience

You close your eyes... inhale that sweet fragrance.. and share .... You allow those panties to stray from your nose for only a moment. For me... We both breath in our scent... we fuck... like never before. The memories of our last adventure stay clear in my mind. I can see it as if our sexy panty session had happened today. However, it has been several days and we both have been longing for more. I am lying on your bed just reminiscing... Then you arrive, you walk into the room wearing a long peach colored bathrobe. I start to get up and you tell me that it is not necessary. You tell me you want me to get more comfortable and tell me you prefer me to remove all my outer clothing. I do so, and am left lying on your bed wearing only a maroon pair of boxer briefs with a white waistband. You tell me that I am in for a visual feast, so just relax and take a few deep breaths. You turn on some smooth sexy instrumental music to put me at ease and ensure that I will relax. Your body starts to sway gently in rhythm to the music. You are looking so very sexy, and you know it! The confidence radiates from you. You slowly open the robe, but only for a second. I catch a quick glimpse of a sexy matching bra and panties. But you don't allow me to indulge in the full visual experience. You are making me wait. You sexily walk across the room and spin around, while momentarily opening the robe. Wow, your bra and panties match the robe. They are smooth and shiny, and look so good on you. I only get a glimpse as you are executing the tease factor with extreme skill. You walk up close to me, turn around, bend over, and flip that robe up only for a second. Then you smile at me while you notice I am mezmerized by the sight before me. You assure me that it will be worth my while if I keep my cool while you do your thing. You come closer and give me a juicy wet kiss on the lips. You sense my breathing is not relaxed anymore... reinforcing the fact that you are doing a fine job. You now have the robe open and revealing more to me. I see the bra and panties have a lacey pattern on the front. You can see through them a little and you know that I find this so sexy. As you spin around, you drop the robe, exposing both sides of your beautiful body. The front of your bra and panties have a lace pattern, while the backsides are smooth and shiny. After hanging on the bedposts and arching your back in very sexy poses, you decide it is time to climb up and join me on the bed. You crawl up my body brushing my skin lightly. I am very excited by your sexiness. You kiss my face, mouth, neck, and ears while concentrating on my breathing and my desire to grab hold of you and take you right there right then. But, you tell me to be patient, as you have more in store for me. You walk over top of me and straddle my hips with your legs. I look up and I think I see a small wet spot forming in the center of the crotch of your panties. It tells me that you are as excited as I am. You look down and see the bulge in my boxer briefs, which you take as a job well done sign. You slowly walk forward, so you are now straddling my head. I am breathing heavy and my eyes are focused on your sexy body. You slowly squat down right over top of my face. I can smell the sweet intoxicating smell of your pussy. Just as I lift my head up to kiss your pussy through those peach panties, you stand up and say slow down...we have all night. Let's not rush things here. I read you loud and clear, as we know what each other is thinking. This time when you squat back down, I turn my head to the side and start kissing and licking your right inner thigh. I then switch my attention to the left inner thigh. My lips and tongue are kissing and licking your legs, while my fingertips are tracing the outlines of your panties. They are so smooth and sexy. Your legs are so soft and creamy; I am just eating them up. It started out as your tease, but now my mouth is inches away from your pussy and I am not paying attention to it. I am licking all around the edge of your panties and smelling your sweet aroma that is so close to me. My hands are on your ass just softly rubbing and touching. I am licking the intricate lace edges on your sexy panties. You are getting so turned on, that you want to end the teasing and get down to business, but you realize I am really getting into the teasing part. You stand up and turn around. Now you start to squat back down in a 69 position. You start to work on me through my boxer briefs without removing them. You panty covered pussy is against my face now and you are slowly moving your hips back and forth. My hips are rising up off the bed. I can feel your hot breath on my manhood, and I make sure you can feel my hot breath too. Your panties have become very wet now and feel like they are on fire! I slip my finger under the leg band elastic and move the crotch panel over to the side. What a beautiful pussy, I can hardly stand it, and I place my tongue in a soft and flat manner, right across your pussy. You are making my work easy, as you are wiggling your hips back and forth. You look down and just love the sight of my face in your crotch, while I am holding your hips and loving the way you are fucking my face. Your wetness is all over me and my cock is absolutely throbbing. You put it in your mouth as you keep grind your pussy into my face. We are in total heaven, just devouring each other! Then we both realize it is getting more and more difficult to concentrate. So I slide the crotch material back over your pussy right before you spin around. You spin and place the crotch of those panties right against my hard cock. You want it inside, but not before we rub together against those panties. We both watch as our hips grind together making those panties more wet. After rubbing together a while, you move the panties to the side and we come together effortlessly. There are wet slurping sounds as are hips gyrate together. We are kissing and squeezing each other though the steady pace that we have set. I close my eyes thinking that it just doesn't get any better than this. Then I feel your right arm shifting around. I hear you inhale deeply and I open my eyes. You have stashed our black panties from the night before under the pillow. You shove them into my face and tell me to enjoy the wonderfully sexy fragrance! It won't be much longer now. The passion and intensity is building within both of us again. It just keeps getting better and better. We are now totally fucking like mad. The wet sounds, the slapping sounds, the heat, the pulsating pleasures... Then without warning our bodies start shaking and jerking out of control. You feel my warmth spreading within you and I feel your warmth all around me! After several moments, we both squeeze each other smiling and panting, knowing that it is so wonderful to have somebody who enjoys the same turn-ons. We are both so truly lucky. It is so awesome knowing we don't have to hide our desires, all we have to do is share and enjoy!! It's wonderful

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