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Title: A Night To Remember

Since I have been in panty heaven, I have no choice but to do exactly what you need! It has never been this way before, I could last all day, but with you it is so different! You know what to do, what to say, it gets me going oh so much! Our bodies are pounding into one another and I am doing all I can not to come yet. It is so hard!... I am trying, then suddenly, you start to shiver and quake, you grab me so tight, and that is all it takes, my beautiful panty lover is taking me over the edge again. I am convinced we will .... experience a night to remember. We are both spent.. lying on our backs, arms touching... quietly trying to calm our breathing. That was amazaing! You know just how to tease my body. Your tongue.. working its way around my panties is enough to make me crazy. I can't believe my luck in having found you. I can't believe I have found a panty partner.... I lay back .. and put my arm under my head. I want to just drift off in la la land. I am feeling so content.. my body relaxed .. and enjoying that moment when you have rested. The moment just before you realize you are now ready to begin the next journey. We glance into eachother's eyes.. and smile. It spreads into a grin.. as we both recall what has transpired and the secret that is now out.. open to speak about. Our secret... Our love of panties. I slide from the bed, and I walk slowly to my dresser... I turn and smile, as I open my panty drawer. My hand reaches in the drawer .. and it caresses that treasure within. I let you see just a peek of what I am touching. Panties of various colours, and designs. Panties of silk, and lace, and lycra. Panties to play with. Panties to wear ... and then savour. Panties I will share. I pick out a black pair... and I hold them higher.. they dangle from my finger... I wait. Your smile is all I need for approval, before slipping them on and returning to bed. I lay beside you and we exchange snippits of our adventures.. laughing and chatting and discussing silly moments. Moments when our desires overcome us .. and we risk getting caught .. red handed. Of course, it is different for you.... much riskier .. and that insatiable desire to sniff panties is what gets me hot and wet ... and wanting .. again. You lower yourself on the bed. Your head rests on my tummy, feeling it rise and fall. You are an inch from your chin touching my fresh black silk panties. It stirs you. You feel my breathing.. once regular.. begin to chage also.. getting deeper with the slightest rock of my hips happening too. You can't take that close proximity .. without touching. You move back.. to view my body ... to admire it... and rest your head on your arm... surveying my new silky, blacks. You slowly reach out... tentative .... like they will be hot to the touch. Your mind flashes a warning ... they will burn you. But, you can't help it.. We both know, that even if they burned your fingertips.. you would still touch them. You have to touch them. You have to stroke them... and come alive. Your fingers trace the fabric trim. It moves around my waiste... and over my legs. The black material is shiny and soft under your hand. It feels sexy and sensual. It does not burn but it gives off so much heat. The lace edge is just enough to create that extra femininity. They are sexy.. and they cover my building wetness. Your seed .. burried so deep in my pussy .. has now found its way down.. and is leaking out my lips. I can feel it. You slip your finger under the elastic at the crotch.. and pull those sexy panties away from my pussy. The elastic gives easy .. and you have a view of my wet... wet... hole. Without even uttering a word, you let those panties cover me and.... you touch my now covered warm spot. You run your finger along my slit.. and you soak up that juice. Letting the black crotch press into me... wiping me .... and providing a treat for later. You jerk your hand softly... and play with my pussy lips and clit... putting pressure where I need it... lapping up that pussy juice mixed with your still warm cum.... and I am loving that feeling. Your cock is now at full attention. Obviously, you are loving it too. You are on your tummy .. stiff cock now grinding into my bed... while you continue to tease me. Fingers slipping inside my panties... feeling that wetness.... as you build .... wanting to burry your cock deep again. When we can take no more... you kneel before me.... hands on my hips.. you grab the fabric of my sexy panties once more ... and you gently tug. I slip out of my panties.. and I watch ... as you take them with your left hand to your nose.. and breath deep .. smiling at the warm juice we have created. You take your right hand.. and guide your now rock hard, red and throbbing into my depths. You close your eyes... inhale that sweet fragrance.. and share .... You allow those panties to stray from your nose for only a moment. For me... We both breath in our scent... we fuck... like never before

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