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Title: Finally Getting Her Panties

I work as a computer guy for a company and there is this one hot girl i've been wanting to see what's under her skirt and tight pants for about 5 months now since I started. I dreamed of being able to have a hot pair of her thongs or full back panties. Sometimes when i'm under the desk working on cabling, i'd take a quick peek under her desk to see if I could see anything but nope, usually the lighting isn't good enough and she wears these long knee length skirts. But she's a hot brunette, about 30 years old, beautiful round tits that stretch out her tight blouses, and long gorgeous legs with a nice shapely ass. Anyways, she wrote to me today and said she had a problem on her home computer. So I said I could swing by and check it out for her. She kept thanking me and was so happy that I would come over. So I met her at her place after work and she had beaten me there by a few minutes and I guess cleaned up. First thing I did was use the washroom (looking for the hamper of course) he he but nope! there wasn't anything in there! damn! She lives in a small one bedroom place so her bedroom door was shut and it pretty much faced the living room and kitchen. I thought I was sooo screwed! how can I get her soft panties if she was there in the living room. I started to work on her computer. She had already changed into this tight fitting workout outfit. Sexy and driving me nuts! Her tits and ass were so round! She then said she would make me dinner to thank me for coming over. She said she had thought about going to the corner store to buy stuff but didn't and she said we should order takeout food and have it delivered. damn!! I have to get her out of the house. So I kept turning everything down and she finally says...ok i'll just go over to the store. So she grabs her stuff and leaves!!!! I nearly blew my load right there! She left me in the apartment by myself. So once the door clicked shut I ran over to her bedroom and looked for the hamper and there it was. She had these really hot bras hanging on the closet doorknob but she'd notice those gone right away. So there it was....I pulled it open and bam! the smallest sexiest thongs you could imagine in red and orange and pink and tiger stripes. I picked them up and stuffed them in my pocket and checked out her, this chick has a ton of beautful thongs. So I grabbed a couple of dirty ones and went back to fixing the computer. She came back and didn't notice anything at all. I'm at home now with these gorgeous thongs and gonna jack off with each one of them

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