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Title: Controled By A Cheerleader

I told this girl I "met" about my fantasy. I told her all these things I wanted to do etc. etc. She said that sounds like fun so we set the thing up. She has long dark blonde hair a kick ass body, basically she was a chick I wouldn't even bother to try for because she was waaaay out of my league I was alone in the girls locker room looking around for dirty panties when all of a sudden this cheerleader walks in and starts yelling at me. "what the fuck are you doing in here?" nothing I say I was just leaving but she is not done cursing me out when she notices that I have gone through her things and then demands to know what I was looking for. So I just say it. I was looking for panties. She says "WHAT?" "what were you going to do with my panties?" smell them I say. She then tells me how stupid I am etc. and then says that she is going to tell everyone what I was trying to do. After I start begging please don't tell anyone she comes up with a deal. I must do whatever she asks or she will tell everyone. I agree. She starts off by saying that she is all sweaty and tired from cheerleading and sits down and takes off her sneakers and socks and then tells me to get down on my hands and knees and give her a foot rub. After a little while she tells me to suck her toes. Then she tells me to lay down on my back so she can move her foot all around while I lick her entire foot. The whole time she is telling me how perverted I am and asking me if I like it? I say yes and she says she can tell because of the bulge in my pants. She then tells me to sit up. She says if I like dirty sweaty feet and panties I have to lick her armpitts clean. After a while she has me lay on my back, she stands up to wipe her armpitts clean and of course I took the opportunity to look up her skirt. She was wearing little red panties and had a nice little ass. She looked back and saw me and then started yelling at me again and said oh yeah I remember the little panty thief. You wanted to smell them right? She then sits her ass on my face and says smell my ass. What a smell I could stay here forever. She then tells me to take my dick out she wants to watch me play with it. So here I am laying on the floor with my pants down jerking off with a hot cheerleader sitting on my face. She then stands up and tells me she wants to watch me cum. She then while facing me bends forward and pulls off her briefs and tosses them on the floor then bends over again and pulls off her panties grey satiny full cut bikinis. She straightened out her panties and then pulled the crotch forward and says here is this what you wanted. She handed them to me and then my last request to her was could she step forward and turn a little so I could look up her skirt and see her ass. All it took was her to step forward and turn and thats when I lost it. She put her red briefs back on and said you can keep my panties

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