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Title: A Womens Fantasy

We are chatting outside as the sun goes down. A warm evening .. so full of erotic thought. You are standing in front of me... between my legs and teasing me. I can see the outline of your hard cock and you know it is irrisitable to me. With your back to the windows, and me sitting in front, you unzip your pants and show me what I may have. I can't wait. You know this teasing drives me insane and I can hardly wait until your return. One hour from now. We can show no sign of intimacy -- out there on the patio. It must be discreet. We must be very careful. As friends, I say my good-bye and watch you walk to your car. You drive away, seemingly forever, and I go in to oversee the bedtime routine. A smile is on my face as I think of what I will do .. in just one hour. I have the lights dimmed and I sit in my beautiful bedroom waiting. Perched on the bed, anticipating a night to remember, I let the scene unfold in my mind. What will I reveal... What do I dare show him. I have no idea if he will be turned on .. or repulsed if I let him enter my private world. As expected, I hear him enter the yard and approach the window I had pointed out earlier. There is a bucket placed strategically where he might use it to step up.. and into my window, into my room and into my folds. It is silly .. and I feel like a school girl pulling his arm and helping to heave him into my room. Once inside, we kiss .. and it is all i need to begin my deeper stirrings. Forget those childhood crushes, I am a grown woman and I NEED it. I NEED it now. I have waited long enough. I remove his clothes as he stands there, somewhat shy and unsure of what is to happen. He is cautious. This is definitely wrong, but his cock doesn't seem to understand that. His cock is hard .. and ready and I can't help but stop .. and give it the attention he deserves. I love it. I love to touch it, stroke it, suck it.. and caress it as it throbbs and fills and becomes deeper and darker in colour. My own throbbing and desire is now overwhelming me. I need to feel the release of such pent up sexual longing. He undresses me... slowly .. removing my shirt, my lacy bra, and as he removes my pants, he stops and gives me the warmest breath of air on the crotch of my silky robin's egg blue panties. I love that warm feeling. It seems to make me even wetter if that is possible. It is like warm steam, condensing on the thin fabric of my panties... making my pussy even warmer and making my longing apparent. I am wet with wanting. I lay back on my bed, still wearing the panties. He lays beside me.. and runs his hands over my body. He starts at my neck, moves to explore my tits (now released from the confines of my bra) ... and continues the treck down to my panties. He caresses them, runs his fingers along the trim... tracing the outlines of the fabric... and he seems to be enjoying this sensation. His fingers dancing over my panties.. caressing them.. enjoying their feel. Dare I hope? He slips a finger inside.. and caresses me. I love to feel a man's hand inside my panties. An "aaahhhh" escapes from his mouth when he discoveres my wetness. His cock immediately bobs.. in response. He presses his cock against my leg.. snuggling up close.. letting me feel his full shaft. And then he continues to stroke and tease my pussy. He pulls my panties to the side.. and takes a peek ... again letting his breath escape in an "mmmmm"... His mouth closes in.. and I feel that sensation of warm breath and a silky tongue .. probing .. and licking. He manouvers around the material, occasionally letting it fall back in place and breathing his warm breath over me again and again. What runs through my mind is.... GOD.. I am going to be sniffing these panties later... Finally ..... We have had enough.. He is driving me crazy.. and I can take no more teasing. With one last tug .. he removes my now very wet panties and they are left on the bed beside me. He kisses me deeply as he enters my hole... edging himself in ... slow .. and steady. We pick up the rhythm and begin to rock together... hips thrusing with need. He finds that sweet spot and he strokes it with his big, hard cock absoluely expertly. And as I near that inevitable orgasm... I pick up those robin's egg blue silky panties. I can't help it. I breath in my own scent and I start bucking uncontrollably. He opens his eyes and realizes what has made me so insane..... and without a word.. I know what he is thinking. I let the prize in my hand... roam under his nose. He breathes in tentatively.. and then deeper .. and he closes his eyes again.. and we fuck like crazy sharing my wet and delicious, heavenly-scented panties

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