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Title: Female In Love With Sniffing Her Panties

Sunday morning.. as usual, I woke up horny. All my thoughts of yesterday are running through my mind. I can close my eyes...and recall that feeling of such overwhelming erotic stimulation It's rushing through my mind, testing the memory of my scent and making me want to touch myself. I had to do it... I was alone.. and in my bed but I still had to be quiet. Sleepovers are just downstairs. The sound of a bed squeeking will raise eyebrows. I go to the bathroom and grab my thick, pink vibrator. I'm going to start the day... with a nice, slow fuck and sniff. I have time. I am going to really enjoy this. I grab my pink panties off the floor where I had tossed them last night. The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes... my panties... lying in wait for me. ahhh They've waited long enough. I pick them up.. and immediately scrunch them.. filling my fist with their fragrance... some of it escaping when I hold them close and breath their scent. I lay back.. and I proceed the slow climb to the first orgasm of the day. Slow and steady I tease myself... just the head .. stroking my pussy and rubbing my clit. No entry just yet. I move my hand to my face. I breath in.... and my eyes close .. and I am in heaven. I love this.. the feel of my pussy being stimulated.. and the aroma of pussy in my nose. My pussy .. that did so well for me...brought me such pleasure yesterday. I'm a lucky woman. It's a gift. AND now, I lay there, and I breath it in... and appreciate what I can provide myself. I proceed ..... My vibrator, only allowed to circle and tease, is now permitted inside, ...rocking me and making my hips go crazy as I imagine a new lover between my legs. He is building steam, fucking me deeper inside. I raise my hand to my face.... I inhale.. and it is almost like I "swoon" -- intoxicated. I love it! And in my mind, so does my new lover. He smiles at what I have done... and lowers his own face to the crotch of those lacy pink panties held tight in my fist -- then he begins absolutely fucking me like crazy! I cum in less than 5 minutes. Smiling... It will be a good day

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