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Title: Women That Loves To Sniff Her Panties

Yesterday, I couldn't leave myself alone. Again, I selected panties that morning, that I thought would make a wonderful bunch in my hand.. sniffing them later. I kept finding myself locked in the ensuite bathroom over and over... imagining all sorts of wild things. The simple act of urinating took on a whole new experience as every time I sat down, I would bend .. and sniff my own aroma. Sometimes, just a quick whiff.. sometimes, I couldn't stop and the desire to get off.. while inhaling my scent was overwhelming. When I could not take it any longer, I pulled out one of my vibrators and used it... standing. I didn't even take off my silky pink panties. I was trying to be cautious and ever ready for the interruption which can come at any moment. I stood there, so incredibly horny and looked down at my panties..recalling the scent of only moments before when I had inhaled them.. I stood, and fucked, turned on the vibrator and went crazy. I was back in front of the computer working in only 5 minutes time, but I still couldn't stop thinking about my panties from Friday. The pair I had chosen... just to sniff later. I had already taken the laundry from my bedroom downstairs and was really regretting it. I couldn't stop thinking about the aroma I would have discovered on the crotch of those black panties with red trim. Eventually, it got the better of me and I snuck back downstairs and retrieved them from the pile of laundry. I felt extremely guilty and very excited as I put them in my pocket. It would be hard to explain what was I was doing if caught. My heart was racing. I came back upstairs, shut and locked the bedroom door, and went back to my bathroom secret place. I tugged those panties from my pocket and inhaled my sweet scent Then, still clutching them in my hand, I undid my pants and lowered them. In one swoop, pants and panties were around my ankels. I could look down, and see the soft material of my panties.. standing out against the stiff cotton of my pants. I pulled out my vibrator again, and let it enter. No foreplay is necessary at this stage. I am wet . wet . wet .. and I need to feel that vibrator as I sniff my heavenly scent. MY GOD that is terrific. I leaned on the cabinet of my vanity top.. ass tilted out.. thursting that vibe in and out with my right hand. My left hand was scrunching those panties and taking them to my nose. That was soooooo good. I hammered that vibrator inside, thrusting as deep as I could, enhailing as much as my lungs allow. I am so fucking turned on by this I can hardly take it. By the time I crawled into bed last night, I had 7 orgasms. I tossed my pink panties beside me on the floor when I got undressed. I can't wait to get at them

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