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Title: Womens First Time Sniffing Panties

I am a woman.. who has just discovered this "fetish" and I thought I might share my story ... I have always loved the smell of myself. I mean, on days when I get very excited at work.. I will just go to the ladies room and play for a second. The smell of my own pussy on my finger.. even after washing, drives me crazy. I will constantly hold my finger under my nose... and inhale. This obsession has been with me forever. Well, recently, I read a few panty stories and chatted with a few panty lovers .. and I began to take the next step. Last week, I started to really enjoy smelling my panties when I went to the ladies room at work and at home. I find them... like my finger.. something to breath in .. and enjoy. During some chats recently.. I discovered this desire .. and then began to think about all this panty stuff a lot more. I was directed to this site.. and read a few stories which got me so wet knowing how guys love panties. I had no idea what a big fetish this is... and how erotic it would be to read stories and comments of the men.. who love their panties ... This morning, I woke up .. and I was very horny. I don't usually masturbate in the morning ... (I'm a lunch time and evening girl) but I couldn't stop thinking about this site ... and as I got ready for work, I got hornier and hornier. By 7:45.... I could take it no longer. I was back on my bed, and feeling the full lips of my pussy .. giving it a gentle stroke and some teasing. I was going crazy... . I told myself .. no vibe play .. not today... just a finger. AND THEN ..... I did something I have never done before. I went to the laundry and pulled out the black silky panties I had worn yesterday. I took them back to bed with me.. and... I lay back, and as I put my finger back inside and started to stroke my pussy and feel the excitement build ever higher.. I took those panties.. and held them to my nose. I could not believe how erotic that was. I was actually overwhelmed and overstimulated to do such a thing. I held those panties in my left hand.. and took a deep breath .. while I stroked my clit with my right hand. The feel of those panties, scrunched in my hand.. the crotch area.. out on display .. and me getting this scent while I fingered myself..... was totally overwhelming. I went crazy .. and flicked my wrist .. and breathed in deep ... until I came. I can't believe I did that. I can't believe how erotic it was... and how overly stimulating..... When I opened my panty drawer.. to get dressed... for the first time in my adult life I did not worry about matching my panties to what I was wearing. I went through my drawer.. looking for the pair of panties I wanted to wear today .. and sniff later. Right now, I'm off for lunch... and a good sniff. Thanks for letting me share...

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