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Title: Girfriend And Her Sisters Panties

I went to my girlfriends house a few weekends ago and while I was in her room I saw a pair of my girlfriends panties and a pair of her sisters in a pile together. Damn did I want them. While I was in the room with both of them (they share a room) I kept sneaking glances over to the closet floor where their panties where. The sisters panties were a pair of white cotton panties with smalls designs on them, maybe cherries. And my girlfriends were a pair of gray hanes her way cotton panties with the big elastic band on them. She wears them to exercise, which makes them nice and sweaty and worn. When I saw them on the floor I thought about what I would love to do with them. I knew both pairs were probably nice and good. I'd love to make both girls strip and put their panties on and give me a show. Then I'd have my girlfriend bend over the bed so I could fuck her, wearing those grey workout panties, while her sister watched. I love those grey panties with the big elastic band on them. After that, I'd have the sisters switch panties. Id have her sister bend over the bed also so I could take turns fucking each of them while they were wearing each others panties. By then Id be ready to explode. So Id fuck my girlfriend doggystyle and have her sister lay her head on her sisters ass wearing her panties. Then when I was ready to cum Id pull out of my girl's pussy and shoot my cum all over her sisters face and my girlfriend's pantied ass....

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