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Title: Panties That Got Away

Has anyone ever seen a pair of panties and not been able to take advantage of the opportunity?I remember one of those times about a year ago. A friend of mine wanted me to help her sister out. The sister was very attractive, long, dark hair, and a really hot body (mid 40's). While we were at the sister's, they wanted me to hang some shelves. I brought a stud finder and the necessary hardware to do the job. The shelves to be installed were in the laundry room. The only problem I had was that the sisters stayed in the room and watched me do my work. While working, I noticed that right on top of a laundry basket was a pair of white panties, a brief style. The sister saw me see them and she casually pushed them off to the side of the basket. I stayed focused on the job, but I wanted to get at them real bad, but I really didn't have any chance. After the job was done, we left the room together. I never did find an excuse to go back into the laundry room. Even if I did, I would have been busted for sure... Another panty that got away without receiving any well deserved attention... so sad!!!!

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