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Title: Bought Her Panties

I was pissed last night because it was street cleaning this morning and I had to park about 6 blocks from my house. As I was walking this woman was going in the other direction wearing tight black jeans a red t-shirt and a blue jean jacket she looked cute not spectacular but not bad. When she passed me I turned to check out her ass like I always do (I am a dog and I loves asses) she ducked in behind a bush in front of someones house. Well this caused me to stop to see. I could see her from waist down as she yanked her pants and panties down and started to pee. I couldn't see her actualy peeing but I could hear it coming out and she must have had to go really bad because it was loud. I took a step back to see and then she saw me watching her. She pulled up and started walking away so I said hey excuse me would you like to make some easy money selling your panties. I don't know what she thought I said cause she said to me she only had $2 on her. I said I will pay you for your underwear. She said that she wants $15, I said sure. She wanted me to give her the money first. I didn't want to because I thought she just might run away. I gave it to her anyway and then she went into someones driveway and took off her sneaker and one pants leg and then pulled the panties off then tried to do the other leg so she wasn't naked. I was watching her the whole time and she had a cute little ass. I usually like big asses but hey how could I complain. I was wearing a hooded sweatshit and when she was finished getting herself back together she said sorry they are not sexy and put them in the pocket in the front of the sweatshirt and walked off. At that time I was 2 blocks from my house. I walked as fast as I could went into my room yanked off my clothes and took the panties out of my pocket. They were a full brief with support and she had a pantyliner in the crotch. I put the panties to my nose and I could feel that they were still warm. They didn't smell strong at all but after finding the right spot I could smell just a little pee. Anyway I only lasted about 2 minites. She had dark hair pulled back in a ponytail she was spanish and somewhere between 30-40

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