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Title: What A Night

Last night as my wife and I lay in bed, I got a great surprise. I was almost asleep when she put her arm around me and began to rub me through my satin pj's and pantyhose. Her rubbing started getting more intense and she rolled me onto my back. She then began to jerk me off through my pj's and hose. After a few moments she pulled my pj's off and pulled my panties to the side so my cock was covered only in pantyhose. Next she began to rub me again as she started playing with her clit with a vib and pushed a vibrating egg into her pussy. As she was doing all this she slowly lowered her head to my nipples and began sucking them, I was in heaven. Just as I thought it could not get any better and I was about to cum, she stopped. She had came as she played with me and her pussy was dripping wet. She slowly crawled on top of me and pulled the nylon of the hose tight around my cock. Then she slowly slide her pussy down my shaft. She began to ride up and down on my dick as I sucked at her swaying tits. It did not take long before she moaned and I could feel her pussy tighten around my cock and she came, her pussy juice ran down my cock and soaked my hose. That was all it took and I blew my load deep in her pussy. She then fell a top me in an exhausted was the one of the best nights of sex I had in my life

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