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Title: Panty Blowjob

This chick came over tonight to the apartment with her friend. Friend was ugly but she was like a 6 foot tall blonde surfer chick that looked like she had a good buzz going. While they were playing cards and drinking I was checking out the chick. She had on a green top that exposed her back, some faded jeans and a very noticeable Red Victoria?s Secret Low Rise Thong. I could even see that piece of material in the back that triangles, right where her ass cleavage began. Damn Hot. She was just sittin there leaning forward letting me see that entire nice ass with the VS thong running through it. Her hips had that Victoria?s Secret Band cutting right down to her ass. It?s a wonder she didn?t see my third leg. So by now I?m thinking "I've got to get a picture of this". I practically ran to my room, grabbed my camera. Came back and strategically snapped a few with my digi. I tried to get right behind her and get a shot of her great ass and panties. Then came back to my room and uploaded them. Damn the pics are not so good without using the flash, but the imagination fills in the rest. Any way. In time I was asleep. To much to drink. In the morning. I wake up early, for a Sunday, and strolled out to the kitchen in my boxer shorts to grab some water. On my way back I see the same sexy red thong girl lying on the couch. Looks like some one had too much to drink. She?s all alone so I?m guessing my roommate either had her friend in his room or she ditched thong girl. She was lying on the sofa on her side with a blanket on top. Next to her she had a black and brown book bag with the leather bottom. She looked like she was sleepin but it was tough to tell because she wasn?t making any sounds and her face was in the other direction. I was sportin a full set of morning wood and was feeling daring. I tried the book bag first. A hairbrush, a folded towel, a few cds, some gum, cigs, and other chick like paraphernalia. I pulled out the towel to further examine the contents of the bag and a pair of panties rolled out. Jackpot. They were an orange pair of Victoria?s Secret Hi-Cut Bikini panties. I bet they were bought at the same time as the ones she was wearing now. Buy now I was hard as hell, and I needed some relief. I pulled out my cock from the slit in front of my boxers and wrapped the orange pair around my shaft. Oh, it felt so good. After about a minute of good jackin I was getting into it. Rubbing my pre-cum all in her spare pair of panties while she was a foot away. Getting more daring I inched her blanket up so it laid on her. What I saw was the same sight from the night before. Only better. She was just lying there and I was getting the best look her ass cleavage with panties on that I have seen in a while. And on top of that I was smearing tiny trails of cum all over the orange panties. I guess that she was either already awake or I woke her up with my low moaning and furious stroking because she suddenly rolled over. With her eyes open! Aww Shit! I thought. Caught. But instead she was smiling. Smiling. Hmm. I had stopped buffing my cock with her panties the second I saw her move. She looked down and said to me "Don?t Stop". So I didn?t. Stoke Stroke. Pure fear and anticipation is rolling through my brain along with the overpowering thought that I was horny. She then give me a slight wink, reach out, grabbed my panty covered cock and pulled me close to her. She then proceeded to give me something that only a true panty enthusiast can enjoy. A Panty Blowjob. Ohh. It was heaven. She licked the fabric with her tongue and then pumped her mouth around my aching cock. I was on the verge of coming very soon. Sensing this, she got off the couch got on her knees on the floor and continued giving me head. After some coaxing I got her positioned so that I was sitting on the couch with her on the floor, on her knees giving me a sweet panty suck. I told her to unbuckle her pants so I could pull her pants down. Now she looked hot. Nice VS thong panties with her ass all in the air and the thong panties on display. I was on overload. Pop. Suddenly I came all over into those orange panties in her mouth. OMG. Best experience ever involving panties. Wow. I went back to my bed and slept in, till 2. When I awoke again she was gone and so was everyone else. Later that day I found the red pair of panties in my laundry hamper in the bathroom. All creamed up. Damn, she must have been horny. Could have been a panty fuck too. Got to love chicks that love the kinky stuff

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