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Title: First Time Out

Last summer, my wife and kids took a week long trip while I stayed home to get some chores done around the house. The chores really didn't take much time, so I had plenty of time to do what I really wanted to do! The first night they were gone, I ran a hot bath, and shaved myself from top to bottom. While in the bath, I wore a small butt plug, to start to loosen up for the night's adventures. I then covered myself with sweet smelling lotion, making my skin as smooth as my beautiful wife's. Before dressing, I applied mascara, eyeliner, a touch of rouge, then bright red lipstick. I also applied hot red polish to my finger and toe nails. Next I replaced the small butt plug with a slightly larger one, to get ready to accomodate something even larger! I dressed...tight black corset with garters, falsies, silk stockings, black lace thong, sheer black low cut blouse, black mini skirt, and 4 inch heels. Finally, a jet black wig, with bangs to my eyebrows. I slipped the butt plug out, re-applied some lube to my pussy, sprayed on a bit of perfume, then headed out to a bar where I knew I was sure to find what I was looking for! I wasn't there long, sitting at the bar by myself, when I was approached by a middle aged guy, clearly on the prowl. He sat on the stool by me, bought me a drink, made small talk, but soon had his hand on my thigh, working his way up to my crotch. I suggested we dance a bit before things went further. I have been with a man before, but never danced with one, and it was a real turn on to feel his hard cock on my leg and belly as we danced. I'm sure he noticed mine as well, although he didn't let on. He was rubbing my ass and nibbling on my ear as well, and I was sure I would cum in my panties if this kept up for long! We went back to sit down, this time at a dark booth in the back. His hands were all over me, and I returned the favor by unzipping his fly and taking his hard cock in my hand. He suggested we leave and continue elsewhere... fortunately he lived close by, and we walked the 2 blocks to his apartment quickly. Once inside, we were all over each other, french kissing and grabbing ass. I quickly had his cock out, and wrapped my lipsticked mouth around the shaft. As hot as we were, he blew a load down my throat in no time...but I wanted more. I slipped my panties to one side, and turned out, shoving my ass toward him. He was hard in an instant, and soon I felt the head of his cock sliding into my tight pussy. Since he had just cum, he was able to give me a nice long fuck. He eventually shot a load up my pussy, we both collapsed on the floor and slept until morning. Truly a night to remember

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