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Title: Wife's Sister

My wife knows and joins in with my pantie fetish. She has let me look and use her mothers panties when we had to look after their house when they went on vacation. I looked in her mothers pantie drawer, and found several pairs of soft cotton panties and some nylon pairs, all with lace around the legs, there was also several bras, and a couple of long slips, my wife videoed me putting on her mothers panties and then one of the slips, I jacked off in front of her, she then put the camera to where she could tape it while she played with me, finally I fucked her from behind with her mothers slip pulled up to my waist, and my cock coming out the leg of the panties. We have on occasions quickly sneeked over to their house and I have rubbed my cock in her panties and left a little bit of precum in the gusset before putting them back in the drawer, it is a nice feeling to know that it will be up against her pussy sometime. I have also cum in a pair of her sisters black panties, and on one of her bras, when we also looked after her house, I came in the gussett as we had plenty time to wash and dry them. I have also used her sisters daughters panties, the girls are 15, 16, and they just leave their panties all over the place, I have cum in them, but they did not seem to notice, no body has ever said anything. Now, when girls come to the house to sit in the hot tub, they get changed upstairs, and this gives me the chance to see all kinds of panties, bras, etc, which I quickly photograph and video, I do this with my cock out of my shorts and I usually manage to have a pair of panties hanging over my cock or a bra amd I usually manage to cum while doing this. My ex girlfriend also used to join in, she would take me to her step mothers bedroom when they were out and we used to go through all of her underwear, it is a nice feeling when you see the people that you at least know what she might be wearing under her drees, and your cock has been in the panties at least.

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