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Title: 3 Women

Sometime ago my girlfriend at the time invited two of her girlfriends to come and stay for a couple of weeks, they were both very attractive. I was in pantie, bra, slip, and nylon heaven, they left their underwear lying on the bedroom floor, in the bathroom, everywhere, the scent of their panties was unbelivable, my girlfriend knew and went along with my pantie likes, and every night she would ask me what I had seen, I told her that I had sniffed and licked the gussetts, held their bras to my mouth to smell the odour, I also told her that I wrapped the panties around my cock and I used to rub the head of my cock up and down the gussett's, sometimes the panties were still damp, I think they might have done it deliberatly at times, as my girlfriend did tell them that the sight of womens underwear turned me on. So me and my girlfriend, fucked nearly all night, the other two heard the noise, and one night after we all had had several drinks, one of them mentioned it, I simply told them having three women around and with all their stuff everywhere it was making me so horny I couldnt help it. So they decided to give me a pantie flash show, they all put on the works, a skirt, lace panties, lacy bra's, mini slips, nylons, the lot, then they sat there and crossed and uncrossed their legs to let me here the swish of the nylons, and also to give me a glimpse of their slips and nylons tops. My girlfriend was ok with all of this, so I started to squeeze my cock, and I finally had to take it out, I first rubbed it against my girlfriends nylons, then she said why did I not put on a pair of her panties, so I went and got a pair of white soft brushed cotton panties with lace trimmed legs, my cock was throbbing by now and the panties were wet where the tip of my cock was. My girlfriend took me in her mouth, while the other two put their hands in their panties and started playing with themselves. They wanted to see us fuck, so I took my girlfriend from behind, I lifted her skirt and lacy slip up over her waist, took her tits out of her bra and pulled her panties to one side, they were rubbing their pussies hard by now, and one simply said she wanted my cock in her, we were all pretty wired by now, so I slid my cock in her, feeling her panties rubbing against my cock, the other one started rubbing my balls through my panties from behind I ended up fucking all three of them bit by bit, I finally ended up with all of them taking turns to suck me off, and I finally shot my load of cum on their faces. When we all went to bed we still kept our panties, bras, slips on, and during the night I slipped my cock and fingers into each pussy again. When they left, they told me I could take what I wanted of their underwear, I still have them along with some photo's

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