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Title: Swingers And Sniffer

My wife and I are swingers. And I am also an avid panty sniffer. I always had fun sniffing the panties we swing with openly and most women were amazed with my fetish. However they enjoyed and quite flattered at my attention at their intimate smells. I remembered one night of our gathering, there was a new couple. The lady was very pretty and gorgeous, tall and was wearing tailored suit and slacks. As if she was not attending a swing party. I told my wife that I wondered what her panties smells like and said I would like to sniff it. My wife told the hostess and in turn the hostess whispered to that gorgeous lady. As they both looked at my direction I noticed that the gorgeous lady was shocked as she put her hands to cover her open mouth. Then she giggled and whispered to her husband. Then I saw the hostess motioned me to come over to them. Then we were properly introduced. The gorgeous lady, her name is Sandy, was blushing and quite embarrassed said that certainly I am welcome to do so. So I knelt in front of her and at first pressed my nose on the crotch of her slacks as if I can find some smell there. There was none, only some fresh perfume. Then I opened the button and pull down the zipper. As I pulled down he pants, her sexy g string, lacy, quite sheer bikini panties came into view. Most people were watching and whistling as I put my nose between her legs and pressed it to her crotch and inhaled deeply and at the same time looking at her as he was covering her mouth as she giggles and still looked embarrassed but fascinated at what I was doing to her. At first I smelled light perfume so I lowered my nose a bit down. There at least I was able to find some hint of pussy smell. She asked me if I was satisfied. I said that there was not much smell so if I can also smell the pussy itself. She said certainly and she pulled her panties in one side and her very nice looking hairy pussy came into view. As my nose once again pressed to her crotch, this time my nose was in contact with her pubic hairs and pussy lips and I was able to smell her light musk. Then I asked her if I can pull her pussy lips open and she nodded her head. And there, stronger musk and pussy smell came out and without asking her I just run my tounge on her pussy slit that made her moan and closed her eyes as she was enjoying my licking on her cunt. And when I got up both the hostess and my wife kissed me on the lips and told me they like the smell on my face. Sandy laugh and hid her face on her husband's chest. Sandy and I became partners and my wife and her husband were also partners. Sandy and I watched as her husband's balls were banging on my wife's ass as his dick slipping in and out her pussy. Sandy and I were doing a missionary position and her pussy felt so good around my cock as I was humping her. She wrinkled her nose as I kissed her on the lips while fucking her. I jokingly asked why. She said that my face smelled like pussy. I said I wondered whose pussy was it. She chuckled and pinched me on my side , while I was deep inside of her.

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