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Title: Aunt's Panties

There was no going back as I crept into her bedroom. Trembling with excitement, I opened up the top drawer on her dresser and saw what I was after. Panties, by the dozen. Black, white, red, green, beige, blue. Satin, cotton, lace. My stiff prick twitched in anticipation. Pulling out a pair of satiny black briefs, I wrapped them around my pole and jerked softly. It felt so good I moaned and helplessly dribbled more pre-cum onto my aunt's underwear. I tried out several more pairs, savouring the feeling of the fabric on my dick and the delicious notion that her twat would be rubbing on the little stains I left. Only after a few minutes did I notice the hamper in the corner. Did I dare take out her worn ones and sniff them? I craved the knowledge of the scent of her cunt. Carefully replacing the pairs I had been enjoying, I opened the hamper and fished out a pair of Joan's dirty panties. They were beige briefs, conservative in cut and color, but I could see from the stains on the cotton crotch piece they had been snug up against her mature pussy. A lone pubic hair was testament to the color of her bush. I brought them to my face and smelled her perfume: asshole, cunt, and sweat mingled in my nose. Nearly delirious and needing to cum, I laid the panties on her bed and laid on them, grinding my hips, fucking those dirty panties. I looked down between my legs to see my dick rubbing on them. Cumming without using my hands was not a problem. I again moaned, lost in pleasure as I built my load. My body tingled and waves of ecstasy rushed through me, chasing jet after jet of hot eager cum onto Joan's panties and sheets. I lay still and flushed as the last of my spunk oozed out onto my plaything. I cleaned up the sperm best as I could and carefully put her undies back at the bottom of her hamper. I never did this again, but it has fuelled many a fantasy. Some day, I hope to cum clean with Joan, and confess this little adventure to her

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