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Title: Fucking While Sucking Panties

Last year my wife and I went to Atlanta for the weekend and stayed at her very hot girlfriends apartment. The friend, being very cool, let us sleep in her bedroom and she slept on the couch. I had already taken the liberty to rifle through her dresser and hamper and enjoyed her things when they were out at lunch.... even her vibrator on my dick while wearing her thong.... that was sweet. I found a particularly musty and sexed up thong in the hamper and tucked it under the mattress where I could reach it if my wife crashed out that night. Well, the wife was horny..... and I had a fucking monster hard on so we were banging away. I had turned off the light so it was dark and I was drilling the wife doggie style when I reached under the mattress and pulled out the thong.... the wife never knew that I was sucking her friends cum off the crotch while fucking her..... we both came while I was practically chewing the thong crotch like gum. She went to the bathroom and I wiped my dick clean of her juice and my cum with the thong and put it back in the hamper. I wanted to keep it but the thought of her friend touching it and wearing was just too nasty to pass up

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