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Title: Peeking At Her Panties For A Long Time

I'll make this short and sweet. I am a Dj for a company. I did this wedding party a few weeks ago. So, as I was standing at the Dj booth, I can see everything that's going on in front of me. I was having people which happen to be some teens doing the limbo stick dance. Well, the teens were not doing it right after awhile. Everyone was using their hands with there legs in front sliding under the stick. I had a great time looking at some very sexy panties. This girl's panties were light blue and wonderful to look at. She, I think was maybe 15 or 16. I don't think she knew her panties where showing as she was wearing a short dress. I also saw another girl that had very shinning white panties. They were great to look at to. So, maybe the girls were just teens, but their panties were wonderful to look at. I wish I could have gotten that one girls blue panties to jack off in. It's not so much because they where teens, it was their panties that I wanted. I'm just horney for panties

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