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Title: Jacking In Parking Lot

I'm 20 yrs old, I made a great score the other day at a friends house, I raided the hamper in the bathroom and found a tiny cum stained baby blue thong that belonged to his 17 year old sister, and shes got such a tight little body its rediculous. Well thats not how I got busted, I made it out of the house fine, but I took the thong out in the car and hurried home to rub one out. But the smell was infatuating, the smell of her pussy was driving me crazy so I was gonna pull over and rub one out in my car, since it was dark I thought no one would see me. I pulled into a parking lot and started beating off sniffing her panties. It felt so good I leaned back and shut my eyes. I was so caught up I didn't see a car pull in next to me, this woman got out and must have been taking something out of her backseat cause she turned around and looked right in as I was beating off. I opened my eyes and realized she was looking in so I should have stopped but I was almost finished so I gave it like two more pumps and finished as she looked at me in disgust. I quickly pulled out of the parking lot because I was afriad I was gonna get in trouble

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